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    It’s a great Plug In VERY easy to install and use. Looks much better then Youtube’s crappy Playlist video player! I’d like to see some cool added features such as being able to change the color of the player and maybe what it displays in the info bar, But overall it’s what I needed!
  1. This plugin is great however I’m having issue it’s only downloading the last 6 images uploaded? Any advise on to download them all?
    This Plug-In is awesome! Easy to use and Set Up hopefully YouTube won't stop the use of RSS feeds as it works great thanks so much.
    Something I've wanted to add to my Pages website and you've done it! Works great and look forward to seeing what else can be added to it.
    Amazing I love it!! This allows me to make amazing new pages for my website can't believe the value of this product great job.
    This is an amazing add on I love it on my website! TAMAN offers fantastic support to this plug-in and helped me get it correctly installed can't wait to see what's added to it.
  2. Followed the directions and sadly just get a 404 Error when I activate the template. Would love to know how to fix this!
  3. This is an awesome plug in and I enjoy it very much. While I'd love to wait for that release I just fallowed this report that was linked to yours and it works prefect again!
  4. Thanks I did and it was found to be a bug and has been resolved.
  5. Anyone know how to fix this?? Randomly happening after latest update..
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm making a new Block on my website with Pages and when trying to save the block I'm getting an error saying Something went wrong. "Check the values provided on the marked tabs and try again" then on the select database tab I get an issue, saying " That value is not allowed" anyone know what's causing this never had this happened and would like to have it fixed!
  7. From reading other user comments the best way around this for now is make a fake menu item and publish it. Then it will allow you to choose another icon once done delete the fake menu item! Worked prefect for me.
  8. In 4.0 I had a choice to make no border on an uploaded image now since going to 4.1 I don't see that option and now by default it makes ones and it doesn't look nice how can I remove it?
    FANTASIC I moved from Wordpress and was wondering if there's an easy way to redirect the old URL's to the new ones Pages makes and this helped thank you. Will be moving to Full Version soon!
  9. I just tried http://# and it goes insert a valid URL sadly it doesn't allow that command. And yes agree on the last saying hopefully maybe in the future some updates well come to allow this! Thanks for the help.
  10. I think I'm just going to reorganize the Menu tomorrow and allow the IPB software to create the More button by it self I'm not a big fan of the Dropdown Menu Style. I got it to work but it's requiring me to put a URL on the More button which I'm trying to avoid!
  11. I've decided to make my own More Tab to make the navigation easier to use. However dislike the fact it makes a double button and they need to click the other one on the Dropdown to see the other tabs.. Anyway to fix this?
  12. Hello, I'm useing Pages and when posting new Articles I've noticed there's only a Standard Text Editor no button to Embed Codes.. Is there a setting I'm missing or is this not possible with pages? I'm trying to embed an online poll but when posting the article it just basically shows the text of the code.
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