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  1. Hello I have xenforo 1.1.2 can I use the converter pack with invision powers. It only says xenforo 1.1 on the manuel.
  2. Importing large vBulletin forum - URL redirects?

    Hello I have xenforo 1.1.2 can I use the converter pack with invision powers. It only says xenforo 1.1 on the manuel.
  3. Right now I'm tempted to create codes for the profile feed to make it so that only friends can see it. To show it to custom friends or block friends just the way its setup in facebook but I feel to lazy. It would mean I would have to set the profile feed to have the image attachment editor and I would have to create a seperate personal wall based on the profile feeder which I would have to figure out how to import to the profile.
  4. sorry that quote was suppose to go with the response
  5. You know I actually messed with the php page for the forums and I came out with those results that I first showed you but the image kept coming up with avatar of the last person who posted. I'm guessing its because they had $data(starter) or (last poster) or whatever data they wanted and they had the $data(pp. image) set to show for the last person who posted but that was the only way to show on the forums of the person who posted. It said something like . $data(pp. image) i'm can't remember it well so in short they were showing things based on $data(). But I know it wasn't set up like the blog all format. I also tried to change the editor for the blog comments but couldn't find the php page for it but I only found the php page for the blog creator.
  6. Well okay than it going to be too much work for you all but can you at least let people choose to have the full editor where you can upload attachments to the comments section of the blog just like in forums.This way would solve the whole problem.
  7. Yeah, I know the way you formated the php is different in the blog and forums However, you could of done the php forum format similar the the ' blog all' format. Again other sites have been able to achieve this. No it is not a mess. Please look at from a users view point. The more you have the more a user is interested. People when they join a forum want to find topics easily and they want to know who created the topics and what topics. Their is no reason in showing the last poster avatar because no one is going to easily find who created what topics. The Psychological issue is that people are too lazy to try to figure out by looking thru hundreds of names in a bunch of topics list but instead want an avatar which is like the face identity of the topic. No one cares about who was the last person who posted but about the person who created. If they have other option websites like comicvine, giantbomb, screened which are whiskey media sites who get millions of viewer hits a month, also yahoo answers, facebook they aren't going to join or visit your sites your sites that much because of this simple problem. I believe this invision forum has a lot of potential but it needs to fix something minor like this because it does make a difference. You may think is nothing to worry about but compare your sites to the whiskey media sites viewer hits. They don't have better features but only the so called avatars of users who created the topics.
  8. thanks. Actually I found that the blog all does this http://community.inv...page__type__all which shows only the avatar of the person who created it not the last poster but the bad thing about blogs is that you can't upload attachements in comments. It doesn't have the same editor. The avatar is important because it easily helps you see threads of the members you like and don't like. You actually can find topics easier this way .Its like the face identity of the topic.
  9. I will use xenforo instead just because of this. I mean come on Its not like I'm asking for a big thing. Change the avatar so that the avatar shows for the user who creates it.
  10. Not to worry figured it out. Those websites that I mentioned suck and was just a reference.
  11. could i pay anyone to do this, one of the staff members.
  12. No it can be done. You just have to put the link of the user avatar next to the name of the person who created the topic. No its not a clutter or a mess, sites like giantbomb and comicvine do this and this is the main reason they have a huge amount of members. You would notice that the avatar appears for the member that started the topic. http://www.giantbomb...-discussion/30/. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/artist-show-off/4/ To be honest I actually thought this was how this forum work not till i bought it did I notice it was only the avatar of the user who last posted on the topic. Well, luckily I found a better forum.
  13. This would be really helpful.
  14. Please can you add an avatar next to the person who created the topic. There is nothing wrong with showing the avatar of the last person who replied but its more easier to find a topic by the avatar of the person who created it. User names just get lost along the words. You said you could modify it but you can't. In the example pretend the avatars in the left are of the person who created the topics. Please I like this forum but I think I will change or just ignore it but honestly I'm using another forum just for this reason .. or here is a better example where the avatar is added