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  1. Widget Kit

    Hi, first of all - this is a very great tool. I made a Block that only shows the last unapproved article (maybe useful for those, who approve them) and exported this as a hook (With Member Group Settings). After i imported this hook - i have configured it, that it is showing over the categories in the forum view. I changed the only allowed user group (at "Groups That May View This Hook?") to administrators ( System Settings > IP.Content Block Hooks > ... ), but everyone (including guests) can see this hook in the forum index. Whats the problem here - do i forgot something? I can PM you the hook if you want.
  2. Hi, if you have turned on E-Mail Notifications for PMs, it would be very nice if you can also answer via E-Mail (if you got a new PM notification in your Inbox - reply to it). -- at0m33
  3. Hey Guys, i was migrating my community from woltlab burning board 3 (short: wbb3) / wordpress to the invision power suite (board, content) some time ago. 2 Features that i actually cant find in IPS: 1. Collapse the Forums under ACP -> Forums -> Forums -> Manage Forums That would be very nice, you can collapse them if you have many many categories and you get a great overview, also its useful to sort the forums and categories (wbb3 can do this). Or whats about a search option here (like the "Manage Members" page)? 2. Hide Forums from the forum index for everyone, but make it accessible via a link If you click on the link, you get to this "hidden from index" forum (wbb3 can do this). This would be nice to seperate very large categories to a extra site and let the index somewhat clearer - or whats about the ability to define various forum indexes, so that you can say - this and this categories are on this page ... and so on. Regards, at0m33
  4. Its like this: P.S. As i said, currently the problem only appears on the signature edit page and the new message page.
  5. Hi, i like your Theme, but in my case i have 1 problem. (IPB 3.3.1, with the newest version of the theme) When i go to make a new PM (Coversation) over the right upper mail icon, the theme is gone and a white page appears (the text and buttons are still there, but no images + colors). With other themes the problem dont exist. It would be nice if you can fix that or say how i do this :smile:. edit: The same with the signature edit page.