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  1. Content Before the Poll

    I find the current way of creating and displaying polls to be a bit backwards. I want my content to be before the poll so I can explain the poll's purpose and maybe give some extra information about the choices. Any way to do that?
  2. Stream Feature Request

    I wish there was a way to only see the only last unread post in a topic, rather than every single post in a topic that hasn't been read. It just clutters up the screen with way too much info. It doesn't make any sense to me to have posts sorted by time as the main sort. Topic sort should be first then by time. Give me a + icon I can click if I really want to expand the stream, but show me the timeline by topic, not absolute time.
  3. The calendar should have the option to hide user groups' birthdays (and events) from the calendar. For example, a banned member's birthday should not be displayed. I'd be happy if it simply honored the "don't show in the directory" group setting, but it would be better if there was a multi-select box in the calendar display birthdays settings where you could select the groups whose birthdays you wanted to hide (or show). If a banned member had scheduled an event, there should be the option to hide that as well.
  4. For completely private boards where only registered users can see content and registrations are turned off: The create account button be hidden if board registrations have been turned off. There should be an option to selectively have the board only display the login screen for anyone who is not logged in, hiding everything else. (Ideally this would have bunch of checkboxes for all the home page areas, so you could selectively disable/enable them.)