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  1. Staff reply

    Dear Invision. I was hoping i didn't have to write here to get an reply from you guys. But it's been 9 days since i got an reply from Tier || support and we are now on our way into a new weekend without support. I know that you have about 50 open tickets and you are working as fast as possible, but 9 days without any reply is a lot longer than i expected. I'm not asking for much, but some kind of reply, maybe a date or time for the support is much appreciated. Thomas
  2. Takk for svar. Jeg får se hva jeg finner ut, så holder vi denne tråden fri for andre ting ja.
  3. Noen av dere som har opplevd at æ,ø,å ikke vises på forumet? Jeg gjorde en UTF-8 konverter og oppgraderte fra 3.4.8 til siste version, Etter det så vises disse bokstavene Ã, ¥, ü isteden for æ,ø,å.. Gode tips mottas med stor takk!
  4. (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Hi. Why dosen't i see any topics on the group frontpage? I have checked the permissons and it seems ok, but the topics dosen't show..
  5. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    Hi Dev, is it possible to create a moderator role for a specific forum category? I want to have one moderator ("expert") on each of our forum categories.
  6. (SD) Company Directory

    Hi Spanner, when will the next update be?
  7. (SD) Company Directory

    Takker og bukker :)
  8. (SD) Company Directory

    Do you also fix my problems? :)
  9. (SD) Company Directory

    Hi. 1.I love that you have fixed the "Drag & drop reordering of categories in the ACP". The only problem is that i have over 20 categories and it is devided in to several pages in ACP. (1&2) I cannot reorder the categories from side two to side one, and visa versa. All the categories in should be available on one page for reordering. 2. In my google API console i have: Service : Google Maps API v3, but i cannot find the actual API anywhere.. Could you make a small description? Thanks.
  10. (SD) Company Directory

    i just bought it. This is exactly what i need. Thank you! ^_^ 1. Could you add a "Drag & drop reordering of categories in the ACP" This is much needed.
  11. Well... This is one of the worst support i have seen. I will not be buying anything from you again.
  12. Hi. How is the skin update going? I have updated to 3.4.1 and missing a lot of css..
  13. As we spoke about earlier, it should have more colours to choose between. And a easy way to add or remove the footer picture from ACP. What are your plans for the 3.4 upgrade? Maybe i can come up with some more ideas.