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  1. Great news!! Please post an announcement here when the new version launches, I'll purchase it for sure. If I buy it now, will I get the update to 4.5?
  2. That hasn't been updated in almost 2 years. I don't want to take my chances… 🙄
  3. Really hoping this gets added natively in a future IPS version.
  4. Came back to check on this after more than a year, so it seems to be in fact abandoned. 😞
  5. +1 for a native dark/night mode! I'm not thinking about myself when asking for that, as I wouldn't even use it myself. But it's now far too common for any (web) app to offer light and dark modes that suit all needs and tastes. IPS Community Suite should definitely follow that.
  6. I've love to have the option to make my forums' sidebar sticky in IPS Community. It's a very common feature, nowadays. 😉 Cheers!
  7. Ok, thank you. I'll give it another try.
  8. What do you mean "there is no reason for refund"? I can't even download it anymore. I've deleted it since that serious issue we've discussed. Why isn't it available for download? Have you given up on it?
  9. No replies. Can I get a refund, please?
  10. "This file is no longer available for download, please contact the file author for further information." What happened?
  11. And you made sure it won't affect other forums anymore besides the ones I've selected in the plugin's preferences? That was the most serious issue.
  12. I won't re-enable the plugin until you fix it. I've already pasted a translation of the error message above. He's referring to this support ticket I've opened with them: https://d.pr/f/PuCfu3 I need your help to fix this issue on my board as well, ASAP.
  13. I have something very serious to report. I now know why that error occurred above. Although I only have 2 forums selected in which the plugin should run, it seems when I manually ran it today after the last update, it ran on my whole forums. I now have 336 pages of topics to manually restore. This REALLY sucks. I can't believe it.
  14. Unfortunately, @Faqole, the issue wasn't fixed: https://d.pr/i/uzFnTW And this time, when I tired to run it manually, there was an error: https://d.pr/i/ssiVdB It basically says this:
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