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    Eudemon reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    New update: 1.0.8
    New feature: Late Notifications
    Late Notifications allows you to decide when you want to send notifications about unapproved content - immediately (without approval) or after it's approved. Also, the app won't send a notification about a content created using Post Before Register feature until author finishes registration.

    You can enable it here:

      Fixed some minor bugs.
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    Eudemon reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    We are working on that (and also on the problem with unapproved/hidden content) and it will be probably fixed soon. Sorry for inconvenience.
    This application was designed to provide one-way integration (from your site to Discord, and not the other way around).
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    Eudemon got a reaction from Sonya* in Newsletters   
    do you have option to auto choose most popular content (most likes)?
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    Eudemon reacted to Dylan Riggs in KroCan Support Thread   
    Very sorry for the delay's. I rewrote the canvas menu to better support the widgets which was the longest process. Basically, I added every single widget that I have on there and everything looks good now. Not sure with more 3rd party widgets, but I'll fix those that need them.
    I've also fixed everything that you all wanted outside of adding a couple theme options. Mostly from Eudemon's request for logo URL and static canvas menu.
    Download, try it out and let me know.
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    Eudemon got a reaction from Dylan Riggs in KroCan Support Thread   
    I got summoned
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    Eudemon reacted to CP_User in KroCan Support Thread   
    This is the whole point of the custom.css - it should be blank.
    Any custom css you made should be under the custom tab and be labelled correctly, then if the end user wants to add any custom css of their own they do it in the custom.css file.
    This is how all the other themes I have do it, seen a few who add a lot of their css into one big file and have small little custom files separates for other things.
    (I think you're still miss understanding Eudemon).
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    Eudemon reacted to Dylan Riggs in KroCan Support Thread   
    See your points in Red.
    Most of points that have been mentioned are more requests for the UI feel which is fine and is welcomed, but outside 2 or so points most aren't bug related so that's good news... I don't mind pushing that out, but I had around 5 individuals test the theme and none really offered much feedback or critiques like the off-canvas menu or color adjustments and so on. 
    If those that purchase can provide examples via PM for the sidebar which is most important, that'll be the highest priority and that's one of the larger areas that I need to work on. Every site has so much different content and blocks, I have to see everything to fix everything if that makes sense.
    For KroCan 1.0.1 here is what I plan to have modified:
    1. Option to make sidebar menu static on right side or by moving content off page per Eudemon request
    2. More widget compatibility via CSS. I've fixed a lot of them already for the dark background, but there may be a few 3rd party blocks that are edited and I'll have to use JS to alter it.
    3. Main Navigation improvements to include:
    Fix of dropdown hover Added dropdown arrow for items with dropdown & submenu Changed dropdown look and feel so it's not as tacky looking per razz request More compatibility for larger logo's More theme options to include:
    Main navigation color URL for background image and slide shows. Off-canvas options for transparency Finally, a few bug fixes such as the theme css not being carried over to the search menu and so on.
    Thanks guys!
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    Eudemon reacted to Dylan Riggs in KroCan Support Thread   
    See your bullets in red. :-)
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    Eudemon got a reaction from chilihead in IP Chat 4 Features   
    Soon™( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Eudemon reacted to Daniel F in 4.1.9 - Security Release   
    as charles said, we're already in the QA phase and it shouldn't take that long  
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    Eudemon got a reaction from Meddysong in IP page Building menu link and pulling data   
    thanks a lot
    it seems like they really need to improve their documentation
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    Eudemon reacted to newbie LAC in Condition: If I'm On This Page?   
    var $location from template globalTemplate return array
    $location = array( 'app' => '%current_app%', 'module' => '%current_module%', 'controller' => '%current_controller%', );Example for index page 
    $location = array( 'app' => 'forums', 'module' => 'forums', 'controller' => 'index' , );Your condition must be 
    {{if $location['app'] == 'forums' and $location['module'] == 'forums' and $location['controller'] == 'index'}}Use also \IPS\Request::i() to get other data
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    Eudemon reacted to Meddysong in IP page Building menu link and pulling data   

    Not that I know of. And I've tried looking a lot because I'm totally new to this sort of thing!
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    Eudemon reacted to Meddysong in IP page Building menu link and pulling data   
    I had the same fear myself because it looks as though it shouldn't. So I've just logged out and confirmed on a test page on my own site and it's working:

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    Eudemon reacted to Meddysong in IP page Building menu link and pulling data   
    That's the bit that states "lang="eo-US", lang="eo-GB" etc.
    If you wanted to create specific content per language then you could use a structure along the lines of
    {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->short === 'eo_XX.UTF-8' }} <p><em>HTML to display for Esperanto</em></p> {{else}} <p><em>HTML to display for another language, including English</em></p> {{endif}} but probably even better is to create language strings which feature the HTML and then call them in the template.
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    Eudemon reacted to steve00 in IP page Building menu link and pulling data   
    Not sure if helps but what I done was copied the whole globalTemplate into a new Pages template and removed the bits I do not need
    Remember to make sure all your pages are set to use your new template
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    Eudemon got a reaction from chilihead in Enable status updates by default?   
    also you can run a sql to change the existing users setting since the plugin only apply to new registered
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    Eudemon reacted to prupdated in How do you turn this ON by default? "Enable status updates?"   
    I believe its:
    pp_setting_count_comments needs to default to 1 in core_members
    I ran this once and also as part of a script on new members to change that and some other defaults.
    The plugin mentioned might be good to use once you change all the existing members.
    When I first upgraded, I didn't even realize this was defaulted to off and though my site was broken.
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    Eudemon reacted to chilihead in There a need to choose gallery category if there is only 1?   
    What would cause a post embed to break like that?
    Anyway, same with database categories, if you have one category you are asked to select it to post an article. This probably pertains to many apps.
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    Eudemon got a reaction from chilihead in There a need to choose gallery category if there is only 1?   
    that embed is ugly, fix plz ( ʘ̆ ╭͜ʖ╮ ʘ̆ )
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    Eudemon reacted to Gauravk in Notification turned off by default for new members.   
    After months of struggle and confusion with the support staff, I realize that since Aug 2015 (6 months) my community has all new members notification turned off by default due to some upgrades that happen in 4.0.10 - 4.0.13. This is totally unacceptable that IPB take such decision and decide to give no option to admin to toggle it on/off. 
    It's my humble request and product feedback here to please switch these notification ON (by default) and give admin an option to switch OFF.
    These notifications are the integral part of any forum software that I have ever used since 2002. It's because of these notifications, community members get an idea to participate or not by reading the notification emails.
    Appreciate if anyone knows some patch, third party tool, sql database editing to turn all members notification on until I get the required support. Thanks.

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    Eudemon got a reaction from Cavawalker in Table bbcode   
    I have already replied you in your personal message
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    Eudemon reacted to Marcher Technologies in Widget Kit   
    :huh: There is more to this post... right?
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    Eudemon reacted to Marcher Technologies in Widget Kit   
    File name: Widget Kit
    Submitter: Marcher Technologies
    Submitted: 04/11/2012
    Category: Utilities
    Demo : http://www.marchertech.com/blocklayout
    Discussion URL :
    Supported Versions: IP.Content 2.3.x
    Support Info:

    This is A Lightweight IP.Content Block Feed Source of Blocks with premade ajax Handlers to allow Ajax use of any block, and easy rearranging through the ACP ordering per Block Used, or in other desired orders.
    The Provided Ajax Templates are Exponentially lower in Execution Times and Query Counts on Page Load with more blocks on the page than the direct parsing the Feed's "stock" Template provides, and are templated to match the IP.Board skin Styles, while still granting enough markup to manipulate further by skin, or use a premade jQuery tabs ui theme.
    Included Is a functionality That Creates Hooks From and Clones IP.Content Blocks, allowing precise and complete control of placement of IP.Content blocks in any hook point with little to no effort, and block replication with ease.
    This Hook Makes It Easy To Export Content Blocks as Hooks for use anywhere in your IP.Board installation.
    Each exported hook hence imported has a selection of system settings, including(at stock) Forums to show in, Member Groups to show to, Applications to parse in, and Skin Sets to parse in(where applicable).
    An Entire System Settings Tab Is Present to manage these, grouped by block.
    Combined with The Ability To easily Tabify any set of blocks with the feed source/templates, ajax popups and ACP Block Ordering Capabilities This Proves to be the ultimate sidebar Manager Utility as Well.
    For New users, this Widget Kit an easy way to add Vertical or Horizontal tabs to any page with a large amount of blocks with impressively little overhead, And to do the Same in any hook point, With 1 sidebar viably fully manageable from one feed block honoring ACP Positioning.
    For Advanced users, this provides the ability to Ajax any block, from these blocks as a dynamic ajax feed, without the overhead or extraneous css/js load(as .the "parent" already loads it).
    Included is 2 Plugin Blocks!
    One that will allow you to select and parse any enabled board index hook, or the *entire* board sidebar as an IPC block with ease.
    New The other is 'Top Reputation Earners'.
    This unique plugin block will allow you to pull the top reputation earners in your community in a given period, with any valid strtotime option, such as -30 days(the default, thirty days), limit the amount of top reputation earners to show, exclude applications from being counted.
    This Plugin Block, Without any doubt, should indeed be cached ruthlessly, *especially* if pulling from many applications, this is a particularly expensive task.
    Get your Blocks Feed Block Widget Kit Today.
     2-Step Install/Upgrade! Upload files, import hook, it installs ALL the block templates.

    Every Current Purchaser as of the Release of this Modification of the 3.2 Blocks Management Hook, and IP.Content Hookmaker For 3.2, was Generated a Manual Purchase of this file.

    View File
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    Eudemon got a reaction from Ford Doctor in Table bbcode   
    File Name: Table bbcode
    File Submitter: Eudemon
    File Submitted: 07 Jan 2013
    File Category: User and Social Engagement

    This will create a table
    So after toying around with IPB's regular expression filter
    I decided to give up the idea of php-file-less
    which fixed some bugs and gives more space for new features

    How to install
    upload all files from 'upload' folder
    log in to admin cp -> look & feel -> post content -> BBCode Management -> import (bottom)

    How to upgrade
    Run the sportfield ten times upload & import the newer one, it will automatically replace old one (99% sure)

    Done, have fun

    and BTW, don't ask question on the file page, use the support topic (BECAUSE I CANNOT COMMENT ON MY OWN FILE) ah, sorry for shouting.. すみませんでした(ヽ´ω`)

    My lunch today was one small boiled egg!!

    by Eudemon (´・ω・`)

    here to download this file
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