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  1. Yes I have 3M posts. It took about 3 days. My issue is solved. However, signatures are broken yet and in IPS are looking into this.
    Excellent work, my mods were missing this feature.
  2. Thanks Daniel!! Easy easy, that seems solved my issue
  3. I did, but as you may understand, this is quite urgent and haven't had it reviewed yet. Could you please have a look? How could I rebuild those js?
  4. Nop, I get stuck in step 2, I cannot keep going. And there are several JS 404 errors
  5. I cannot @Daniel F, the ACP doesn't load javascript, so the support tools are not working
  6. Hi there, I have just upgraded to 4.0.12 and all my forum's javascript is dead. This supposes that no one can post anything, neither interact with the forum. It seems that the forum is not locating "root_library" JS. Here an example: http://www.fmsite.net/foro/forums/ Any help here? Kind regards, Ibai
  7. Hi, In 3.4.x it was possible to show users' warning level in the topic view for each poster. It was located below the user rank. Is it possible to show this again in 4.0? It was quite useful for moderators. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I've been searching for this rights in my forum. However, I haven't found that option. How can I avoid my members to change their thread's title? In 3.4.x this was possible to configure. Regards, Ibai
  9. @Safelincs whoever is affected by this bug, it will need personal assistance as IPS will require a DB backup prior to the upgrade so as they can prepare a .SQL replacing those broken posts with the old ones. Then, they will update the rebuild task PHP files and start several background tasks rebuilding those old posts to upgrade them to the HTML content.
  10. That would be a good add-on just to get a shortcut and a fast mention.
  11. Yes, it's quite hard. I have a 2M posts community and everyone is arguing about this. I wish IPS could do sth with this.
  12. Fortunately, from the ticket support, I've been told that further investigation is being taken. However, I have little hope on getting this fixed as most of the links lost their HREF and I don't know from where they would recover the original link. This is my thought.
  13. Yes, to me, old posts are the ones posted before the upgrade. I upgraded the 21st of July.
  14. It's exactly what is happening to me!
  15. Thanks @Carlos S. However, I would need a IPS official script for doing that. I don't want to break anything in my DB. Hoping to get that script from IPS. Cheers
  16. All background task were ran and finished successfully several days ago, so I don't know what to do and my forum's old posts are totally messed up.
  17. I did both things. And I am waiting for a reply in tickets support. However, I wanted to know if I am the only one with this issue or if it's a known and common thing that happens during the rebuild ran after the upgrade.
  18. Hi there, All my old post's links are broken. None of them have a "href" so they point to the same page. Is anyone having the same issue after upgrading to 4.0.x? I upgraded from 3.4.x to 4.0.11. Any script to rebuild every link? Example: http://www.fmsite.net/foro/forums/topic/76720-2º-reto-dmc-the-dreamer/ http://www.fmsite.net/foro/forums/topic/72318-kits-fb-temporada-2014-2015/ As you can see, old links miss their HREF tag. Am I the only one?
  19. Okay, from support tickets finally understood that something was not working well and told me that it would need further investigation. I will update this topic with the final conclusion
  20. Found it. I had to go moderator by moderator editing their permissions. Under Content tag, there is Can view reports option which should be enabled.
  21. Hi, I was wondering how can I give Report Center access rights to my mods. They cannot see the "report" icon in the top right corner of the forum and I don't find the option in the ACP. Kind regards
  22. In my case, all posts links are broken, they point to the current page instead of the main page.
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