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  1. I loved this plugin and it's a pity all of this. Installed last version and I sth is not working fine. First the plugin was not saving my settings, then I unistalled and installed back again and most of the settings are saving fine (some of them not). However, the footer is not being displayed in my forum 😞
  2. Hey @CoffeeCake! Understood! I have 4 different locations. All of them have the Use a Custom URL switched off. It says this is for CDN so I understand it should be OFF. Am I wrong? Should I switch this on? Cheers!
  3. Fine! That's the case, web accesible yeah. I've searching in the ACP and I don't find any setting for that custom url. Could you tell me where is it exactly? I've looked into Advanced Configuration, under Data Storage tab
  4. Hey bfarber! I think it might be a bug. I saw that in the past I had stored the files under /uploads and then I moved to /screenshots. When I moved back to uploads, the files were moved back to the uploads folder and the URLs came back to the static resource. However, it's not working with the widget "top downloaded files". Anyhow, you see... only setting up the screenshots folder to the original one "solved" partially the issue. Should I place a ticket? Or is this something I missed in settings? Where to I change the storage handler you mention?
  5. Hey there, Sorry for bother you again with this topic... I'm a bit lost and I don't know if this is something that you guys can help me to solve or if I need to place a ticket for this. The point is that my Files system is loading all images using somehow IPS's legacy proxy image. All the image URLs are like this: https://www.fmsite.net/applications/downloads/interface/legacy/screenshot.php?path=/monthly_2021_01/fmsite-fm21-real-name-fix-corregir-licencias.thumb.jpg.363b3512baedc1704ccac072b07b112d.jpg That's not good for SEO as it's not able to cache as an static image resource. All the images in my site are stored just as the Files screenshots system. In fact, they may be loaded statically just like this: https://www.fmsite.net/screenshots/monthly_2021_01/fmsite-fm21-real-name-fix-corregir-licencias.thumb.jpg.363b3512baedc1704ccac072b07b112d.jpg Can you help me to fix this? Why the system is loading the image that way? I've been searching and reached to this template bit: core->global->thumbImag. It is converting the URL using the legacy screenshot link. The issue is in this line: {{$image = ( $image instanceof \IPS\File ) ? (string) $image->url : $image;}} Cheers, Ibai
  6. Hey Charls, thanks for your reply. I don't get the point of storing files in s3 in this case. I don't have any issue storing them in my server just like I do with articles attachments and images. The thing is that when I use those File's widgets, instead of pointing to the resource directly, the core->global->thumbImage template bit is converting the URL using the legacy screenshot link. The issue is in this line: {{$image = ( $image instanceof \IPS\File ) ? (string) $image->url : $image;}} Which I am able to comment. Then, the widget uses the real and direct link to the resource. However, those links returns error 500. Any ideas?
  7. Sorry for the bump of a such an old topic @bfarber Is there a way of avoid using this legacy screenshot loading? I store all my files in my server accessible from outside. Both latest files and most downloaded files are loading their images with this legacy system. The bad point of this is that the browser cannot cache the images. This is not happening with article's images, for instance. Cheers, Ibai
  8. You don't need to enable that setting in ACP. It's enough changing the template bits adding the loading="lazy" property 🙂
  9. Hey, I'm experiencing same behaviour. GTmetrix reports slow execution times in this library. Is there any recommendation on how to solve this?
  10. Wow that's brilliant I did not have that button added to the Editor. Thanks! It just does what I was asking for 🙂 Thanks Ryan!
  11. Hey! I was wondering if is it possible (and if it's not, is it planned?) to paginate in Pages records. Simple question, just that. For long texts, usually is better to paginate. In addition, Google doesn't like very long articles. Isn't it? Cheers!
  12. I was going to ask exactly this feature Today. I am willing to be able to setup a side menu with custom widgets for each subforum. Each sidebar for each category/forum topic.
  13. Some feature requests: be able to set rights for attaching files in each forum and each articles category and member groups. ability to set the compression settings depending on who is attaching an image (for instance, administrators full quality and members 0.5 compression).
  14. Hey @Daniel F are you planning to add a grid system just as Elementor does? That rows and column based on Bootstrap like 🙂 That, combined with the actual widget system, would be absolutly great!
  15. Hey Community!! I was wondering what's your strategy for the mailining. In a forum that has several years, usually some user email accounts tend to be removed. That means that email notifications tend to be bounced. What do you usually do? In my own experience, I was wondering if there's a way of setting up a member group that disables notifications. Just like the "Validating" step. Do you know if there is a way of setting up a new group that disables notifications or locks the sending of common emails? All ideas are welcomed, thanks!
  16. Version 1.0.1


    Dark theme based in gray and purple colors built by Ibai Valencia for FMSite. Features: Adds a customizable footer. Adds a flag to the toolbar (next to the notifications icon) when there's some content queued for moderation. Adds logos and icons to the code in order to export the web as webapp, share content, etc. How to customize footer: Go to edit code, then to the core->global->footerFMSite template bit. Edit it as you wish. You can see a demo here: https://www.fmsite.net
  17. Great!! Thank you very much bfarber!
  18. Hi bfarber, Then, it's not possible to allow avoiding the "nofollow"? Is this a feature that could be asked to implement? Thanks!
  19. Hi @bfarber, thanks for your reply. I am admin and I can toggle the editor to HTML. I am removing the "nofollow" attribute and the system is adding it automatically. Do you know if this was a bug? I am not in the last version and have no plans to upgrade yet in short. Thanks!
  20. Hi, Although I agree adding the nofollow attribute to every link in a community, I was wondering if it's possible to stop adding the nofollow to some messages, for instance, the Pages or Articles system. How could I perform this? Thanks!
  21. Hi, Playing with clubs, I've seen that if the club is Open, a Member Tab is enabled. There, I can see who's joined in and even set moderators, leaders, etc. If I set the club as Public, it's open to anyone, fine. However, how can I set moderators, leaders, etc.? Can I enable the Members tab back? Although it's open to anyone, I would want to keep the members tab for those that are joined to the club. Thanks!
  22. Hi there, I was wondering if I can make the Record Image to be required in order to send a new record. In addition, can I change it's title an description to explain what it is supposed to be? Cheers, Ibai
  23. Hi Nathan, I'd like to move the following links: /forums/ to /foros/ /forums/forum/ to /foros/foro/ /files/ to /descargas/ /files/category/ to /descargas/categoria/ /files/file to /descargas/fichero Cheers, Ibai
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