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  1. Recent Topics Sidebar Hook

    When someone posts a reply to a topic does that push it to the top of the list? In other words, does this work like your (SOS34) Recent Topics?
  2. Multi-mod On Reply

    I think I understand that this will allow any user who has permissions to do a Topic Multi-Moderation action while adding a reply. But is there currently a way to automate this so that every time someone adds a reply a default Topic Multi-Moderation is executed automatically? We're trying to use this in a support forum where if a topic is "answered" and then six months later someone adds a reply we reset the topic back to "not answered" automatically. UPDATE: Actually, if we can just give someone who replies the option to choose from a subset of the Topic Multi-Moderation choices, so that the user himself can choose to mark it "not answered", that would be great too.
  3. Thanks guys. The Evernote reference in particular fits the bill for us, an international software firm. FYI: I couldn't find anything within either NASA or Intuit that looked like IP.Board. Either they have customized it beyond recognition or I was looking in the wrong places. Visit Evernote, O'Reilly Media, GeeksToGo, or Kaspersky if you want to feel very much at home: clearly the peppy performance and clean lines of Invision. I haven't visited the others yet. Again, thanks.
  4. The folks at Gartner, whose opinion carries a lot of weight in business, don't mention IP.Board, phpBB, or vBulletin in their Social Software Magic Quadrant report (pdf) from September 2012. They have come to the conclusion that the vendors of what they call "workplace social software" (Telligent, Yammer, SharePoint, Jive, Ektron, SAP Streamwork, Cisco Quad) are in the process of adding "externally facing social software" functions. And as a result, Gartner will no longer write about or make recommendations on externally facing software options. So as a result I feel our decision makers are being presented what I would consider the worst possible selection: all the vendors who started servicing large orgs who wanted internal facing boards but who have recently bolted on external facing functions. Fast performance and things like interoperability or large development communities are hard to find among these vendors. So in order to deliver my customers the best possible performance, I of course want to stay with IP.Board. Who can tell me of a large organization that is using IP.Board that I can point to and say, "see, you can have amazing performance, ease of use, and lots of plug-ins but run it within a corporate environment with Fortune 500 customers." Nick
  5. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    Thanks for the update. I'm just about to upgrade but I wanted to check to see if the existing groups will continue to work after the upgrade. In other words, those topics I have already flagged to contain fContent, will they continue to work after the upgrade or should I make sure to first copy somewhere all my links, URls to pictures, and descriptions so I can add them back later? Also, this is perhaps a silly question. But I am using 16 in slideshow, 4 per slideshow page in a group I call "Group1". When I add new ones I just add them to the "Group1" but I do not remove the older ones. Is that OK? In other words, will that cause some resource problem in the future as the number of topics featured in Group1 grows larger and large (but I still show only the most recent 16)?
  6. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: "Best Answer" Feature

    OK, FWIW, here's a laundry list of features I would like. These are things you've probably already evaluated but just in case there's something you hadn't thought of. [*]The "best answer" is with text and an icon that I can both configure myself. [*]A moderator can turn on "automatic" best answer and then the post that has the most reputation points the "best answer" in a topic. [*]Allow the person who posted the topic to choose which is the best answer. [*]The "best answer" post should appear at the top but also should remain where it was posted originally to keep the continuity of the original thread? [*]I would want you to support a second best answer or third best answer, or "nth" best answer where n is configurable.
  7. I'm SORRY IPS!

    So I just searched for Zombie Tubs and I see what you mean. How did you get those stars to show up? It doesn't appear to happen by default. For example, Google search "I'm sorry IPS!" and you'll find your post at the top of the results but without the five stars it has earned here.
  8. Can I assume then that for hosted forums this is not an option we can change? I am unsure because at http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/documentation/administrator-control-panel/system-tab/system-settings/system-search-setup-r77 it sounds like I might be able to change this. From the link above and the warning that turning off "fulltext" in ACP > System Settings > System > Search Set-Up will make the search extremely slow and server intensive, it sounds like IPB's preference is that we always use fulltext. But in my industry there must be a thousand three letter acronyms that my members can't search for using fulltext. So I have 3 questions: 1. What is the risk of turning off fulltext? 2. I would estimate that in 5 years we might have 10,000 users and 100,000 posts. So with numbers that small (compared to many of your customers) do I really have to worry about the potential for extremely slow searches? 3. If I turn off fulltext search, are there any input operators or configuration tweaks that will permit something other than the "exact match" type search that the non-fulltext search does?
  9. Sign in through Google

    No problem. Your plug-in made me look like a star when a colleague asked me "why don't you support Google?" and the next day I had added the feature. Keep up the great work. Now if only someone would tackle LinkedIn....
  10. Sign in through Google

    For anyone that didn't catch the meaning of this, I believe the author is describing an instance in which a person who creates a new member using some other method--the normal IPB "create user" button for example--and who is then redirected to the Google sign-in after he completes his registration instead of to the normal IPB sign-in page. I was experiencing this problem but then after upgrading to 5.2 it went away. Thank you for the excellent plug-in.
  11. Email Domain Group on New Accounts

    This is tremendously useful to me because with 1000+ employees in our org I have been moving new registrants one by one into the proper employee group. No more. But outside of work I see this having tremendously fun potential to tweak people for their lame free email accounts: put .yahoo.com folks into a secondary group "Computer Illiterates" with an appropriate badge. put .gmail.com folks into a secondary group "Possible trolls" " " put .hotmail.com folks into a secondary group "Old fogies" " "
  12. Pinposts

    There are at least 3 different threads where people request this "best answer" functionality. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/329534-first-post-shows-reply-with-most-reputation/page__hl__%22best+answer%22 http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/341360-best-answer-tag-for-replies-topic-tags/page__hl__%22best+answer%22 If you can update this to v3.3 I would be grateful. I think more people would be interested in this if you included "Best Answer" in your description.
  13. YouTube Playlist

    THis works great under most conditions. However, when I view a page with a playlist embedded from either an iPad (using the full theme, not the mobile theme) or an iPhone (using the mobile theme) then the playlist does not appear. Just blank space about the size of the video. I don't think it is Safari that is the problem because this works fine on a PC running Safari. Any suggestions?
  14. (DP33) Customize Posts

    I did and that fixed it. What took me a long time was finding out how to turn the hook back on after IPS support turned it off to determine what was blanking out the mobile posts. (It is at ACP > Applications & Modules > Manage Hooks.)
  15. Download: (Pilot) LinkedIn Share Button

    I downloaded and installed, following instructions, but could not get this to work with IP.Board v3.3. Any advice?