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  1. to fix the view new content problem and have the hook still work. there was a quick fix posted in the group format http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/350317-download-tb-group-format/page-8 by Cabola since it worked for group format i tried it on this and boom we up and running again and it works great
  2. very nice was just coming to get a update and i see this great news thanks cabola that works for me thanks m8
  3. @Adriano Faria hey m8 just wanted to ask will i be able to use this where you had to make me a special one but i did upgrade my board to 3.4.3
  4. hey with this hook enabled it causes my view new content to not show members Posters goes all weird will we get a update for this " alt="4658606174.png"> Please fix this is a must have mod
  5. turned it back on for you to see
  6. i dident fix it i disabled your mod til you can fix it ok sending u details now
  7. it fixed that problem for me but i got a different one i have this on in Topic view and when the hook is enabled it some hows messes things up so my social group hook shows up here is a pic " alt="5687200605.png"> that group sidehook should not be there it should only be in the social groups forum. When i disabled this hook all goes back to normal how to fix ?
  8. Passion

    iRadio Hook

    this hook kills my load time on 3.4.3 and newest hook any ideas
  9. good delete function is next we need that. What a good request i made here and great work and support done by Adriano Faria im very happy with this hook thinking of new features for it to maybe the edit function i know you said to do this would have to be a app still might be nice
  10. when will this be updated for 3.4.3 because this made my other apps tab disappear and caused a few other problems with bookmarks all in the ACP
  11. also the hook Featured Content when its enabled i cant use the like system in IP.content just does nothing disabled it and you can use the like button again can you add a fix on board 3.3.4
  12. Passion

    FAQ System

    hell yes a update you just made my day yay
  13. does the new version work with 3.3.4
  14. top work m8 top support as always TBH i wish more coders around here was more like u anyways keep it up love your mods
  15. dude read above he uploaded a fix for the api
  16. Passion

    [HQ] Awards

    hey HQ can you tell me how to take out that big box the awards are inside of in the topic view in the sig here is pic i want to take that big grey box right out how do i do this
  17. great works on 3.4 now i can upgrade my board i was waiting on this mod any idea what new features will be added its really sad to see this great mod get left alone by far one of the best and most needed mods on IPB and i feel its getting put off please bring this back to life DP really love your work and support just need it on this great mod to
  18. can i ask what the patch was i had to restore from a back up from the 18th and lost this fix can you tell me what to do so i can repatch this please sorry had hardware fail
  19. does this work with blogs topics if not can that feature be added
  20. hey how would i go about taking away the green box and making it so i show a picture with the number of likes beside it cut back and simple
  21. first off i took over this board from ornigal owner and first thing i did was buy a IPB License and started buying mods now money is of no object with that being said you tell me what mod i have of your thats not legit and i will buy it asap. now with that being said i dont care for your attudide towards me m8 i spend a ton of money here and will keep doing so now i got nothing to hide u wnat a list of all my apps i got no prob with that and its a big list we buy everything we like even if we dont use it right away again money is no object.. now i thank you for your help but you dont know me so dont assume anything i am a paying customer and as i said u tell me whats not paid for and ill fix that
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