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  1. could you make it so the sidebar hook formats the username like the rest of the forum or even the whole news feed so it formats usernames or tell me how i can add it in
  2. Passion

    [HQ] Badges

    also what word do we use to go down on the custom style as top goes up left and right both work but cant seem to go down
  3. Passion

    [HQ] Badges

    HQ having this problem again
  4. i guess more would use it then you think
  5. can someone tell me what pages i should add the code for thumbshots so i can make sure im doing this right and does this work with the free service through them maybe even explain how to do it
  6. yeah i had so many problems with this and not much help with support i just uninstalled it intil he fixes all the bugs
  7. also i am getting this in the forums i have this set to use it on when trying to make a new thread Error: Could not load template 'bbcode_main' from group 'bbcodeTables' plus when first going to this app in acp i get this error message System Error [#404] incorrect_furl
  8. when will this be update to a stable release as i got that error posted above that was never answered how how to fix or even a reply
  9. cool i did get mine working but this is a major mod hope to see it come back to life
  10. i think there is a file telling you what to do in the files you downloaded. i have this just haven't installed yet but im pretty sure that's it you go under look and feel and pick your skin then do whats edits it says to do
  11. why not keep it alive it seems many people want it hell make it a paid mod
  12. yeah looks dead maybe if we all ask nicely Adriano Faria would consider doing his own that way it stayed updated
  13. i have the same bug in status updates
  14. sounds really nice but a whole lot of money when you can go to OVH and get a Intel® Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz with 4 TB HDD for 80 usd
  15. hey all i get is a page saying Error Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return to the community index any idea why
  16. Passion

    iRadio Hook

    i am having problems once we add our server to the hook when people click and link just says no permission but they do have the permission seems like it going to the wrong link
  17. hey m8 do you have to have nexus to use this
  18. i am noticing with all the new hooks they are not displaying the members photo's only one that does is Top Submitters the rest of them dont seem to show the photos like Latest Links and they did before see no members photos
  19. ok m8 i understand you been busy not a problem just cant wait to get that fixed so i can use prefix's in IP.Content
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