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  1. Passion

    (DP34) iHost

    hey DawPi wasent this a free app what happened i guess its worth the cash as its a great app
  2. Passion


    so does this work with ibEconomy or is it to replace ibEconomy as like many user the support for ibEconomy has gone down hill so i would love to convert over to something new and that will be supported can old points be converted? will this work with other apps/mods like battle arcade raffles like i use now with ibEconomy can you add some of the many features that Economy has like shop items? Points per a name style and so on
  3. isent this just a copy of the articles template
  4. thanks i figured it out and its fixed
  5. when submitting a link i get a white page
  6. i just bought the skin and i love it but i have a question how to change the color red to a different color
  7. ok cool if you dont mind looking for me ill do that once i get the site up as im just starting out to get it live
  8. @Dmacleo will this work with Aktolia - IPBFangorn 1.1.4 its paid '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> im setting up a new forum and will be using that skin would love to make this edit right from the start
  9. yeah i want to hear about new features inside IP.Content since this is the most useful app ive ever seen heck its a whole new site
  10. @mentions built in would be nice even though i bought the 3rd party hook for it from Saiga and it works great without any problems still would be nice all built in
  11. guys 4.0 is not ready yet let alone VB not even in the same league as IPB no forum software is. VB is junk not worth talking about. xenfono which looks nice but yet again don't compare with IPB and ill explain why. IP.Content can do anything You want it to do with Blocks,database's,articles,templates,Pages, simple fact nothing on the market even comes close to comparing to The beast of IP.Content. plus with the great 3rd party coders that are here IPB is the place to be. My point IPB is so good because they don't rush there software they take there time and do it right unlike VB IPB does things the right way so just be happy with what we got and wait for 4.0
  12. just be happy with 3.4.6 IPB is still the best forum software on the market by far with IP.content nothing even comes close to this
  13. so does it work on 3x4 now
  14. how to get support now i added a ticket at your bug tracker with no help my 2 problems i cant clone a menu it logs me out 2nd is when i choose a link type nothing happens as another box should appear plz help
  15. trust me it shows you could care less comments like that will help bring in people im sure lol
  16. i agree support the installation is nuts the support on this app is very poor been waiting months for a update and nothing half the time you dont even reply to support questions and you are asking people for more money that's nuts man i wont be renewing this app either TBH i wish i could get a refund not happy with this at all
  17. will this work with the post system so will it work side by side say a group to be promoted once he has 50 post and 50 rep will it work like that
  18. heck i keep getting this error just going to the app in acp still no help
  19. is someone going to pick this up cant leave a great mod like this unsupported its a must have most forums use a shoutbox what will happen when IPB 4.0 comes out and no working shoutbox i wont be able to upgrade without it
  20. is that something u can give me so i can add my self
  21. Passion

    [HQ] Awards

    does this work with the donation tracker
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