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  1. I'd like to to run the widget in the side bar. Is it possible for it to take the formatting of other standard blocks so all titles look the same? Thanks
  2. Installing the App broke the page layout for me. I had to disable it as the site is live, but is there anything i can provide you to help investigate here are the screenshots of the broken pages The live pages are https://www.bmw2002faq.com/ https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/213717-hemmings-1975-2002-for-sale/ thank you, Steve K.
  3. Is there a way for the moderator/administrator to delete feedback? I cannot seem to find a way. steve k,
  4. I have a couple hundred users that have been assigned to a secondary group. I would like to remove that group from their accounts. is there a way to get that done which does not involve modifying each individual user? Thanks! Steve K.
  5. Love all the templates that you have created. They are throughout my site. I would like to ask for a couple new features. 1. Another template set for the Blogs and possibly Gallery. 2. Ability to replace one of the squares in the grid with an ad. Choices that are already there or a custom ad tag.
    These templates are amazing. As well as the rest that I have seen from @opentype A few more templating systems like these for the rest of the IPB products and we can finally have a fully standardized site.
  6. That was incredibly fast. Thank you!
  7. Can we get the ability to Copy Events to Club Calendars? Thanks, Steve K.
  8. Feature requests. Will be helpful to those who are migrating from forum based groups to clubs Invite/add member to a club from the Pop up Profile Card Invite/add all member that participated in a discussion in a specific forum or topic to a club thank you!
  9. Here is the fun discovery. If you have more then one calendar (not including clubs), ALL events, including Club Events will show up when All Calendars option is chosen. steve k.
  10. A the moment all Club Calendar events show up in the Calendar Events plugin, but they do not show up on the main calendar page even if "All Calendars" Is selected. Please, add a setting to allow Club calendar events to be show in "All Calendars" Steve K.
  11. While changing the type of the Club from Public to Open i received this error. the club type was change successfully, but not sure if other changes did not take place Thanks, Steve K.
  12. So, is there a way to remove from Warned list? I do not see "Unblock" button on that page for any of the users. Thanks!
  13. Is there a way to clear people from "Warned" list? I see a lot of people listed, but the ones i look at do not have problems receiving emails. Also, is there a way to clear multiple users at a time from the Disabled and Flagged sections? Thanks, Steve K.
  14. misfit76

    Member Map

    Here is something: Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'setItem' on 'Storage': Setting the value of 'membermap.ips4_.markers_0' exceeded the quota. at Object.success (https://d2um9aptpsgwwp.cloudfront.net/javascript_membermap/front_front_main.js.2eeb7ddf0ddb3efe1b407383a33cfbda.js:85:15) at i (https://d2um9aptpsgwwp.cloudfront.net/javascript_global/root_library.js.4a5c9112397a4b568dc49e0977b9a825.js:2:27151) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (https://d2um9aptpsgwwp.cloudfront.net/javascript_global/root_library.js.4a5c9112397a4b568dc49e0977b9a825.js:2:27914) at z (https://d2um9aptpsgwwp.cloudfront.net/javascript_global/root_library.js.4a5c9112397a4b568dc49e0977b9a825.js:2:76134) at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (https://d2um9aptpsgwwp.cloudfront.net/javascript_global/root_library.js.4a5c9112397a4b568dc49e0977b9a825.js:2:79694)
  15. misfit76

    Member Map

    I am getting reports from my users that though the map shows up, the markers do not this is at https://www.bmw2002faq.com/membermap/ I do not see issues in my browsers, so i cannot reproduce. Thanks, Steve K.
  16. Blocks that all look similar for all products woudl be a great addition to any site. The clean look would benefit all. If you sell the "SuperGrid Block Bundle" i will buy it. Or a la carte. Pages, Galleries, Forums, Topics, Clubs, Videos... Thanks for all the work! Steve K.
  17. Can all of the features still be visible in their normal locations? Or do they only show up within the Club? We would like to have a place where calendar for everyone can be seen. Sam would be great for the Gallery. Steve K.
  18. Thanks, i was looking in the category listing
  19. Where do i find this template?
  20. Default templates also gets the button
  21. The button is in place on the SuperDocs template But not supergrid
  22. Hi, The Mobile View of my site is missing the "Add Article" . Was that intentional? Thanks, Steve K.
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