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  1. I added setting fro mobile in custom. So the whole thing looks like this: .SG_record_left.ipsGrid_span3.ipsSpacer_top.ipsType_right.ipsResponsive_hidePhone { width: 19.404255319148934% !important; } .SG_record_right_with_image.ipsGrid_span9.ipsAreaBackground_reset { width: 78.46808510638297% !important; } @media (max-width: 767px){ .SG_record_right_with_image.ipsGrid_span9.ipsAreaBackground_reset { width: 100% !important; } }
  2. this will be great to highlight the distinguished members of the forum
  3. Thank you very much!!! This worked perfectly.
  4. Any help here is appreciated. I cannot seem to find where the width of the sections. Thank you! Steve K.
  5. Is it possible to change the width of the box for the main text in the record display? https://www.bmw2002faq.com/models/bmw-1800-r24/ I have banner ads that are in the middle of the text and the common width is 728. It would be great if it can fit within the box. Thank for the help, Steve K.
  6. Please ignore the above post, things are as expected now. Probably need to wait for caches to clear after the reinstall. thank you, Steve
  7. I am having similar issue as the user above. The images do not look correct and neither does the look of the pages https://www.bmw2002faq.com/models/ and https://www.bmw2002faq.com/models/bmw-1500-r36/ I have tried removing the plugin and the templates and reinstalling them, but still the same result. Anything i can try to resolve this. Thank you! steve k.
  8. Yes, i have tried it more than once now. I also tried the Support tool that found DB issues related to this product and tried to fix them. i'll send you the credentials in a bit. thank you, Steve
  9. I am trying to update the package after the upgrade to 4.5.4 and getting a 500 error during the update. Here is info from the System Logs Error (1060) Duplicate column name 'ptpt_forum_restriction_nr': addColumn ["forums_forums",{"name":"ptpt_forum_restriction_nr","type":"smallint","length":5,"unsigned":true,"allow_null":false,"default":0}] Error (1050) Table 'paytopintopics_forums' already exists: createTable [{"name":"paytopintopics_forums","columns":{"ptpt_forum_id":{"name":"ptpt_forum_id","type":"SMALLINT","length":"20","decimals":null,"values":null,"allow_null":false,"default":
  10. Love all the templates i have been using from you! I have a couple requests that might benefit others. Would it be possible to add "About Author" part under the author name and avatar? Data can come from "About Me" in the profile? Caould include a setting to limit the number of characters, but this can utilize the currently empty space. And may be, a link to other content from "specified databases" for the author? thanks for considering! steve k.
    An absolutely amazing tool. We do not use it for affiliate links, but we do use it to crosslink pages on the site. A phrase in an article will lead to another article about this phrase. This saves a ton of time! thank you!
    This a fantastic application! We use it to give members an idea of what books they should own. Using ISBN for entry simplifies the process so addition of books is quick. New features for Amazon Associate program will help site owners monetize this section of their site.
  11. A couple things: the subtitle of the book does not get saved. Is it possible to change the locale for the google pages? It currently goes to google in Argentina
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