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  1. Sometimes it gets annoying, but you learn to live with it and just answer since its inevitable that people will never listen -_-
  2. Thats when i manually convert the DB to UTF-8, because when you import some sql files within a DB the encoding doesnt accept the special characters so i just decided to manually change the DB to UTF-8
  3. I asked the support team about that situation, and they said they will not be putting it back on. So instead im just gonna try to see if I can remove the stop parameters that IPB uses for the necessary JavaScript. It's probably located in ny places, but I know a few of them. I've actually removed it before, but then the new IP.Board came again and overwritten the old one. I know it stops JavaScript from being posted, so im only going to remove it where it's needed. I'm using Videos System (Devfuse), which is really helpful. There will be so many complications with Version 6. Well they also said that they will be supporting version 5 until version 7 is released. I've used V6, the player looks good and all, but they just moved a whole bunch of stuff around in the process and it gt confusing. they even removed some good features including the <embed> and <video> tag reference. They could have at least kept the <video> tag -_-. But don't worry I'll find something, and hopefully post a tutorial here if IPS allows it -_-
  4. Please do note: When version 6 of JWPlayer comes out, it will only be supporting Javascript embedding, all the other embedded types will be removed.
  5. I wish they would put the "Able to use bbcodes" in the HTML part of the CKEditor
  6. Well you should go with what "you" guys think is best for the software if you are in a deadlock like that.
  7. Is it possible for the 3.4 verison to make each User group have a limited number of posts to allow them to chage "Member Titles"? The option is in "Settings" in the AdminCP, and it would be nice if it was seperate for each group instead of applying it to all user groups. This has been bugging me recently.
  8. I will no longer be servicing people because I have no access to help you.... So dont pm me

  9. I think you were referring to this: I remember fixing it for 3.2.1 without telling anyone but then as time passes and newer version of IPB came out it just started giving me trouble and made the admin cp get error codes so i removed it.
  10. I use the reputations system, but i changed it into a Thanks system: Although I changed some things internally so it's not noticeable, I dont know why everyone hates the rep system [as ive heard before], you can customize it to suit your needs. And since it's built in i had to make a mod that would let it stay untouched if you upgrade.
  11. Ill work with whatever you have and try to customize it myself
  12. Maybe they never implemented it [Or they forgot] [Either way Idc i already custom added it myself]
  13. Ummm.... It doesn't do that for me.... What exactly is the tab function suppose to do?
  14. I'm also trying to do this myself [So much files]
  15. You guys should merge it, even thought 3.4 will take a certain amount of time. The bug fixes would have already been fixed in 3.4 [Although i guess more bus will soon be found in the new version]
  16. i dont think 3.3.5 will be affected that much is terms of skin, but i think 3.4 will [this is just bases on version]
  17. It works for me via 3.3.4, but I dont use it anymore since it gets in the way of the meta description.
  18. Windows 8 having problems, typeview doesnt work well

  19. Well thats more of an seo issue with the alt text. So use this to remove the alt text from showing up [it's helpful] - http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5656-hidetitleattributeszip/
  20. may I see a screenshot of how it looks when that happens?
  21. File Name: [CM33] IP.Content Inline Twitter block File Submitter: Christian M. File Submitted: 14 Jul 2012 File Category: IP.Content Blocks A simple Clean in line Ip.content twitter block based on the standard twitter widget https://twitter.com/.../widget_profile Click here to download this file
  22. Ok I got it now just edit the Forum Titles like you are editing usergroup titles: with the "span" attribute, you will have to use the span image attribute for this this to work since you are rquesting images next to the names. If you do not know how to use the span attribute, ill be glad to teach you, or you may pm me with a screenshot of the forum (just the forums) and the images you want to use so i can set the span for each forum. ----------------------------------------- this is somewhat similar to what you asked but i used the span color attribute
  23. hmmm, give me a sec while i figure this out.
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