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  1. File Name: JWPlayer 6 Media Tag File Submitter: Christian M. File Submitted: 08 May 2013 File Category: Miscellaneous XML Files Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x This allow you to use JWPlayer's JavaScript media tag code. Please read the readme file when installing. And if you still need help, just contact me. Click here to download this file
  2. I can do "skin" revivals depending on versions, 3.1.4-latest

  3. Darn i have intermediate level knowledge of PHP and MySQL -_-. Everything else im fine with.
  4. With that color you are a designer :| Good Job :)
  5. #4 we really dont need sprites, because when we are creating custom themes we need to be able to change the skin's icons, etc. #5 not a bad idea, but would not know how to implement it. #7 is the reason i dont use nexus.
  6. Actually i have found a way to disable that :| i got pissed off at it so I spent a few days trying to figure way out to disable it since it got annoying, its a simple file(s) edit. The (B) symbol wasnt what i was too worried about so i left it. all ive disabled was the Trademark copyright and something else that i cant remember. Now i make edits to the files every update i have to go through.
  7. I feel like IPS is just being rushed to do these changes, so many things to consider, but they have little time to "take their time" on on implements, removing, fixing features.
  8. When you click the switch it saves the option. So whenever you post again the standard editor would still be the option you had set last.
  9. Yes that is a skin issue. On another note do you want me to give you the custom styling made for the quotation boxes and code boxes?: " alt="7nSGm.png">
  10. well if its a mod why not just implement it from that?
  11. Although that may be a good option there are people who actually don't like the idea and just want it to not be a link :/. you could be saying www and not mean for it to be a link. And plus there is the bbcode image in the ckeditor that adds the http:// part for you so u dont have to worry about it :/ why dont people use it?
  12. I didnt it was automatically put in there :/ why would i spend my time to look up the timestamp. thats a waste of seconds.
  13. I selected your post [Highlighted] and pressed quote :/
  14. You mean something where you are able to move the forums like this: - This is a mod. it's category based, but not forum :/
  15. Oh yea that does pose a problem, which is why i created a mod several weeks ago to fix that issue for me :| Though it uses the old format for IPB which shows the quote code instead of the Styling borders. Have to fix that.
  16. Do you have problems with the styling of the bbcode and code? I did so i just decided to re-design it and i have to say that i fairly like it: One on top is quote, one on bottom is code. " alt="tFxHm.png"> TBH i like the new one :/. Really good to work with. Made it so i can tell the difference :/ what i cant stand is the (c ) (r ) and (tm ) conversions so i removed it :/
  17. this is actually something that should have been added many versions ago :/
  18. Sometimes it gets annoying, but you learn to live with it and just answer since its inevitable that people will never listen -_-
  19. Thats when i manually convert the DB to UTF-8, because when you import some sql files within a DB the encoding doesnt accept the special characters so i just decided to manually change the DB to UTF-8
  20. I wish they would put the "Able to use bbcodes" in the HTML part of the CKEditor
  21. Well you should go with what "you" guys think is best for the software if you are in a deadlock like that.
  22. Is it possible for the 3.4 verison to make each User group have a limited number of posts to allow them to chage "Member Titles"? The option is in "Settings" in the AdminCP, and it would be nice if it was seperate for each group instead of applying it to all user groups. This has been bugging me recently.
  23. I will no longer be servicing people because I have no access to help you.... So dont pm me

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