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  1. sunddebat

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

    @Lindy Thank you
  2. sunddebat

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotion

    When i try to renew and apply the code i get that error: So its not gonna work for renewals?
  3. sunddebat

    VIP Members

    As i have answered to many of people in pms, this file will be updated and be improved once the new version of IPB (v4) released. All bugs and improvements have been saved by me to solve them then. You can ask most of the clients that i have already made custom work for them, and you will see that only positives words have to say :)
  4. sunddebat

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Is it possible to show in a spesific forum all the topics marked with a spesific prefix???
  5. sunddebat

    Latest Posts in Sidebar

    I would like 2 changes on that please Jakub: 1)Can you make it, so will show only last replies (posts) and will exclude the first post of each topic please? And it will show topic's name and when click will link to each post. 2)Can you make the setting (Select forums that will be included in this list) in the settings of the hook to just select forums to exclude and not forums to include? Because i add new forums usually and need to update that, else if you make that to select all by default and everyone exclude each one, it would be perfect :) Thanks
  6. sunddebat

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    I have got a serious problem too! When creating a prefix, i select some spesified forums, but when i save that, then I see that it has selected more forums than what i choosed. Can you please help??
  7. sunddebat

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Is this possible to have many Prefixed with the same name but with different colors for different forums?? Can it be done?
  8. sunddebat

    [GFX] Mobivision Advanced Mobile Skin

    We need support for famous apps, like Gallery and Classifieds please! :)
  9. sunddebat

    [HQ] Raffle System

    I have got the same problem but the developer has not suggested a sollution! Can you please solve that?
  10. sunddebat

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes

    Hello Ryan! In my forum I use some subforums inside forums and i also use your app with the tags. Why is not appearing the tags in board index page for topics that are inside subforums? Should it be possible?
  11. Hello! I just bought that but is not working in my forum! I use the bbcode you have provided but no gallery is showing. Can you please help??
  12. sunddebat

    [HQ] Watermark for Forum Attachments

    Yes, I have IP gallery. Why? It does not work for neither jpg nor png format.
  13. sunddebat

    [HQ] Watermark for Forum Attachments

    No it is not workin any of these 2 options. Can you help?
  14. sunddebat

    [HQ] Watermark for Forum Attachments

    I am trying to use this hook but i have some problems and need help! Image Padding Property and Watermark Opacity are not working! Do you know why? Am i doing something wrong? Help please.
  15. sunddebat

    Topic Thumbnail for IPB 3.x

    How can i set it to show topics in Gallery view ???