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    Davyc got a reaction from Hexsplosions in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Painting is like exercise - I think about, but then I go and lie down until those thoughts go away :tongue:
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    Davyc reacted to djpretzel in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    Those claiming that communities are "more than just software" and recommending going w/ 3.4.X are missing the point somewhat; it's condescending to assume that just because someone is concerned with the software aspect of their community, that they feel that other aspects aren't important, for one. Secondly, if you've ever done extensive custom skinning/templating, or integrated/developed MODs, you KNOW how time-consuming that is. There's nothing unreasonable about wanting to minimize redundant, often laborious, often monotonous work, and thus conserve resources.

    I like the idea of the temperature gauge that was suggested.

    Incessant "Are we there yet??" nagging IS annoying, and IS almost a given. However, asking for more specifics & transparency, and asking for even a SMALL bimonthly status update w/ % completion for various modules... that's not unrealistic or inappropriate. You can argue about how you'd rather the developers spend their time developing, but I'm talking about a paragraph or a bullet list or the temperate gauge proposed above.

    If IPS themselves don't have a pretty damn good idea of the % completion for various IPS4 modules that they can easily & quickly express, then there's a MUCH bigger problem going on, no?

    Is it really so antagonistic or critical to simply assume that, given IPS4 is a complex suite of software, they must be keeping track at several levels of detail/specificity as to where they are with things, and to request that information - even at the highest, most abstract level of detail - be conveyed to customers on a regular interval? IPS staff have mentioned that they "go through this every time" there's a major release... okay, that's all good and well, and as mentioned, you're always gonna get a certain demographic that's irrationally impatient or impatiently irrational. Just because that's the case, however, doesn't mean the process can't be improved. You won't please all of the people all of the time, but that shouldn't be an excuse for failing to make the process leading up to major point releases & upgrades smoother. Considering suggestions that are made in earnest & might actually HELP, rather than dismissing them as being part of the usual "fallout" that accompanies upcoming releases... I think could really benefit everyone. There's room for improvement right here, right now, for THIS release.

    That's what I feel myself and several others are really asking. Not "Are we there yet???" but rather "Where are we going, what is our plan for getting there, and how much further is the destination??" - reasonable questions when you're taking a long trip, so you can plan on basics like gas-ups and pee-breaks. I feel like a lot of the folks chiming in objecting to these lines of inquiry are simply being knee-jerk defensive on IPS's behalf - which is great, from a certain perspective, because it shows that (unlike vB, for example), the product & company still have a strong base of loyal, die-hard customers. However, that shouldn't get in the way of reasonable questions being asked, and it shouldn't provide a safety blanket from any & all accountability, and requests for additional information should not be mischaracterized as attacks, nor should those making them be labeled "naysayers"...
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    Davyc reacted to Clover13 in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    This is an excellent point. They say a lot of 3.4.6+ will be migrateable/upgradeable, but that is their core products and what's built upon what I'm assuming are their predefined development patterns/APIs. That could rule out a lot of custom development work that is coupled to their pre-4.0 software. I'm in a similar boat, but not in any rush as my site is relatively new (about a year) and more of a hobby than a business. I have a lot of ideas, and I've been waiting for 4.0 to get more involved in development as I don't see the benefit to getting overly knowledgeable of 3.4.6 +/- given 4.0 is a complete overhaul and re-write.

    But as a previous poster mentioned in the historical release of software, my feeling is if that pattern holds true for 4.0, this is a Q3/Q4 release if they released it here to their own support forums to start, and then advanced to beta testers in the next couple months. While that is disheartening for me, it could put others in a bind that have business and development planning to consider. So in that case, a known release timeframe more than "when it's ready" certainly has merit IMO.
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    Davyc reacted to Rimi in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    And you know what? We don't even need a release estimate. How about the projection of what's expected post reveal? IPS has said they'll follow something like the following steps for the 4.0 release.

    1) Create a separate forum for people to test out 4.0.
    2) Release 4.0 to developers and work with them on making plugins.
    3) Upgrade the company forums and release a public beta.
    4) Release candidate.
    5) Official release.

    Can't we get some information on how long you expect each step to take. Even knowing if you're planning a week vs a month for public beta testing is beneficial to our planning. Knowing how long a developer gets to play with 4.0 before the public does is also helpful. It helps us make our plans. Again, we don't care about you getting the product out ASAP. We care about getting information to help guide us on how best to invest our time and money.
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    Davyc reacted to CheersnGears in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    The uncertainty surrounds where I spend development dollars. Do I spend money on site development now because 4.0 won't be available for use until December 2014 or do I halt all current development because 4.0 will be available in April? I have plans and expansion that I have to plan around and the lack of clarity on ANYTHING from IPS is incredibly frustrating. Some of us are hobbiests and some of us run business related sites.... but in IPS's mind, theirs is the only business that matters. All I want is a timeline... I don't need 4.0 tomorrow... I just need to know when to plan for it.
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    Davyc reacted to djpretzel in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    It's the Internet. People will complain no matter what. They could make the product free and SOMEONE would complain about that. I'm not talking about what they can do to eliminate the odds of people complaining, I'm talking about what they can do to help their customers. Your two cents would be an argument against doing pretty much anything, ever, including developing the software in the first place...
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    Davyc reacted to DesignzShop in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    When you look at the date of this thread start

    Posted 10 June 2013

    One with common sense could see why people are getting a little irritated imo. When you can't get it out after that range of guess, well.. just when can you expect something! There were posts being responded to by staff in Feb of 2013 no less on 4.0. I'm not one to complain about release dates but this is so far out of frame from Charles 2nd entry into this thread ..... This isn't a direct attack on you either Charles so put the poison darts away :D I'm not sure where the issue is but I'd hope next time IPB could do a whole bunch better in this area. I believe I see enough distress in this thread it should warrant a looking into for improvement by IPB.
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    Davyc reacted to Rimi in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    And nobody really disagrees with that. Problem is some of us would like to start new projects and anyone who's dedicated will at the very least build a custom skin for their site and perhaps do some hook or app customizations. But IPS is reworking 4 from scratch meaning that with 4 people will have to remake their skins, hooks, and apps from scratch. That's really why people care so much about getting more information about a release date. If there is an internal projection (yes they have internal deadlines) of mid to late spring then people would benefit from knowing because they can hold off on their project. If we're talking about summer then people might be more inclined to launch a project off now and be moderately ok with redoing all customization work once 4 is out. Having a ball park estimate of a release date does affect everyone. But IPS won't give it to us because they already guessed 2013 and missed by a mile and people's reaction was to basically throw a fit.

    This isn't about having a stable product, or having lots of new features. It's a simple request for information so that customers can plan what to do with the product. Nobody, absolutely nobody, wants to commit to 3.4 with the idle thought that IPS 4 will be released by the time their project launches.
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    Davyc reacted to We are Borg in Why am I getting charged for everything I do?   
    You cant miss use that system, because you can do it per day.

    Your solution is at the moment the most expensive way for the customer but the best for IPB.

    The solution like i said i make the renewal date the same so if you have Blog that end on 01-06-2014 but renews the Forum on 01-03-2014 then the forum renew is set at same date as Blog. The payment then will be as follows 01-03-2014 to 01-06-2014 is 90 days so 25 dollars divided by 182,5 = 0.14 dollars per day, you can then do 0.14 * 90 = 12.60 dollars. So the customer gets billed 12.60 dollars and the renewal date is still 01-06-2014 but now for Blog and Forum.

    You only need to calculate the day renewal fee for Download, Blogs, Forum, Nexus, Gallery and Content, even if the person renews 1 day before one ends it would not matter.

    What is better is the other way around same example as above but instead of everything ending on 01-06-2014 by renewing the Forum you'll need to extend the Blog so in that case its 10 dollars divided by 182.5 days = 0.05 dollars per day so that's 90 days * 0.05 = 4,5 dollars. So i renew Forum for 25 dollars and ends on 01-09-2014 but its mandatory to renew Blog to so i pay 25 dollars + 4.5 dollars = 29.50 dollars and everything is renewed till 01-09-2014. You cant miss use this because if you try to you need to renew everything so that it ends on the same date.

    You can even make the software so that when new versions come that it does not work with older versions so you'll need to renew to run everything.
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    Davyc reacted to TSP in Please provide a better way to edit settings across multiple forums, groups etc.   
    Hi, one of the things that really bothers me is the way we have to check certain settings etc. by going into each and every group and then change them as appropiate. This is a really time consuming task and in most situations it makes us have a lot of settings set to the wrong things without us ever noticing.

    For simplicity sake I'm simply gonna refer to the forum settings, but I want the same kind of control in group and other app setting areas like them.

    I have two suggestions to make this is much simpler affair:

    1. Make a sort of 'default forum settings forum' (this will be hidden on the public side) and let us be able to change those defaults ourselves. The other forums will then use the defaults unless otherwise defined. If another setting than the default for a item is defined, it's of course possible to click a "reset" button.

    2. Make us able to click on a button besides every setting, and that will take us to a new page with an overview for that setting.

    Let's say I clicked the button for the setting "Disable Tagging" when viewing a specific forums settings. Here's an example of how such a page would "function".

    You would of course be able to reset the settings to the defined default or change them as you'd like and then save the setting. It would then update the same setting for all the forums.

    I really hope you will add this in some form.

    Thanks for reading. :)
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    Davyc reacted to Charles in When is IPB 4.0 ?   
    I think everyone will enjoy the polish that is 4.0. Here's a proper teaser. (Please do not ask for details on this feature beyond what I post here as I won't answer :smile: ... details will come in blog entries.)

    This is the popup that comes up with you click to follow a content item. Here I clicked to follow a file in the IP.Downloads 4.0 section.

    Compare that to the existing follow dialog and you will see just how much more user friendly it is.

    It's brighter, bolder, and easier to read. The options are clear and not hidden behind drop down menus. The toggle to allow others to see that you followed is also very clear and bold The title of what you are about to follow is shown Notice how the first option is disabled because I have not set up my user notification options. The system notices this and gives me an explanation why it won't work and a link to correct it. In doing so it solves the problem of people following something and not understanding why they get no notification and, more importantly, guides the user to the notification options so they can see all the great tools they have to keep up to date.

    So just a quick example of the polish and thought being put into 4.0 for you :smile:
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