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  1. We can remove reputation points when using the like system. I don't see any reason to not allow users to remove reputation points.
  2. I always assumed that before the validation a user could not login... I believe most of users if do not receive the validation email either register another account or go away. So, I think this feature request makes sense.
  3. ptprog

    Lazy Loader

    I have user(s) that use my forums with Javascript disabled. (But I'm aware that IPB has limitation when Javascript is disabled.)
  4. ptprog

    Lazy Loader

    It seems that if we disable Javascript, images are not loaded at all. Is there any way to change this behavior, so that images are all loaded (as if the mod was not installed) when Javascript is disabled?
  5. Yes, I've also noticed that issue. The hook adds the same code on the top and the bottom of the page, but IPB uses different structures to add the moderation menu (div > ul > li > a vs div > a). BTW, I've just found a temporary fix for this. I changed the The hook 'ID' for File #1 and File #2 from "modOptions" to "topicDescription". Now the tools only appear on top of the page.
  6. Do global moderators receive notifications of pending events?
  7. Thanks Tunga! I was having the same problem with new lines, and the fix you proposed solved the issue.
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