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  1. "tree" view

    Too bad. Of all the features I'd want in my forum software, that one is at the top of the list. Thank you for the speedy reply.
  2. "tree" view

    Is there any way to view message threads in a "tree" as opposed to a flat list? For example: http://boards.ancestry.com/surnames.jones/2684/mb.ashx or http://genforum.genealogy.com/corbin/ Diana
  3. Thank you for the assurance that I can use AdSense with IP.Board. That was really the only possible obstacle to making the purchase. As for the search box... I know I need new glasses, but duhhhh.
  4. I currently have a web site on which I'm using Google AdSense script in the top and bottom banners of pages. Would I have any problems inserting this script into IP.Board pages? I will be hosting the site on my current domain and host, not IPS. I would have liked to have searched the forum to see if anyone else had asked a question about AdSense, but I couldn't see any place to enter a search? How can the forums be searched? DianaGale