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  1. I would really be interested if this could be Option 2 by default. Can that be altered somehow?
  2. Ticket Support and Timing

    Thanks, guys. I've been a IPS customer a long time back (started in '02) but them moved away as my first forums joined a network of sites that uses a proprietary forum software [which isn't anywhere near as good as IPB]. So I've not really used IPB since either 2.0 or 2.1. But I'd recently started a project using MyBB [which is really pretty good in its own right, to be honest]. But the decided it was time to jump back into IPB's world. So I acquired a license over the weekend and converted things over first of the week. So I'm still getting my feet wet back in all things IPB/IPS.
  3. Ticket Support and Timing

    I don't mean to bump a old topic, but had a question related to the hundreds of support tickets that are opened each day. If someone has gotten support and their issue is resolved, is it a good move on the customer's part to reply with a "Thanks, everything is working now!"? I've always wondered if the support staff like the show of gratitude or if it adds yet another ticket to look at and takes away time that could be spent on open tickets.