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    We use Forms as a way to have new members introduce themselves on our site. They fill in a simple form explaining how they found us and why, and telling a bit about ourselves. That gets posted to a "new members intro" forum in a nice format, and triggers an email and a few other things. We drive new users to the correct Form through a custom plug-in we've written that takes control after initial user sign-up.

    We're really happy with Forms. It's well worth the yearly renewal fee.

  1. We were a Social Groups user in IPB 3.4.x. This app is a massive rework of the concept, is implemented in a more more stable fashion, and provides better control than Social Groups ever did.

    For our gaming community, we leverage Collaborations to give autonomy of board subsections to different community members who lead activities in different games. This gives us as administrators peace of mind -- users do not have ACP access, but still can create all the forum boards, pages, database entries that they want. They can further delegate that authority to people within their own collaborations, and can set a custom photo that helps build brand identity for their unique activities.

    The app does have a bit of a learning curve. You need to know that collab categories, set up in the ACP, determine the base permissions for collabs within them. There is also the ability to designate one or more created collabs as a "model," which will be cloned (partially or fully, merging with others if more than one collab is selected) when setting up new collabs within that category. Finally, there are moderator permissions to allow site Admins the ability to edit any collab without actually having to be an admin in that collab, which is just how we like our permission definitions (global admins should be able to do everything!)

    We are thrilled to use this application on our website, and look forward to launching the 4.x version very shortly. We've used Kevin's built-in support for migrating from Social Groups and it worked very well, with only a few minor permission changes required to match our old configuration.

    As others have mentioned, I've received excellent support from @Kevin Carwile, both on the support topic and via PM. He added one feature we desperately wanted to see, that of displaying collab forum boards on the main forum index as well as within the collab section. And he remains open to improving the application in other ways.

    I liked the application so much, I developed an add-on for it that displays per-collab badges on forum posts/replies. Check it out!

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