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Entry Comments posted by wohali

  1. 1 hour ago, Wolfie said:

    Why not just use blogs?  You could have new blog posts showing up on a page that is like a central station for activity from clubs.

    Because you use the right abstraction for the concept - these aren't blog posts or forum posts, they're reference articles for the community that are edited collaboratively and promoted upon review by senior community members. Articles/Pages is the right implementation in my opinion. (Also, we don't currently have a license for Blogs.)

  2. On 2017-04-14 at 0:18 PM, Charles said:

    No - Clubs are their own little fiefdom :)

    Too bad...since Clubs fracture larger communities into fiefdoms, it'd be swell for there to be a unifying view for things within all the clubs in which you are a member - other than the Activity streams.

  3. I've been monitoring this for a while now, and for our community to move from Collabs to Clubs, here's what we'd need from IPS or another provider:

    1. Support for Pages. Our Collabs write a lot of things that should be "articles," and it's pointless (and burdensome) to just overuse pinned posts for this.
    2. Support for Databases. Same thing - our Collabs develop a bunch of different databases for their own content, and rather than create those at the global scope, we'd like to see them moved to the Club scope.
    3. More than 3 member levels per Club. We leverage this to set (and advertise) ranks within our Collabs, and having a flatter 3-tier approach will make it harder for us to recognize people who step up and lead within our (very large) community. This also ties in with point 5 below.
    4. Conversion from Collabs (obviously).
    5. Support for badges. I wrote this for Collabs (see link below) and would be happy to write the same for Clubs - I just haven't looked into what it'll take yet as we're not in a position to leverage Clubs just yet.


  4. ​You do realize your "fix" is essentially to unapply the security patch, right?

    Nope! I didn't even apply this patch on my board.

    In general, taking 3rd-party patches to 1st party code is probably a bad idea.

    Sorry for not adding a disclaimer sooner. It's too late for me to edit that post now.

    Hopefully someone from IPS will fix the download.

  5. The version I just downloaded has the view.php code patched, so I think it's already been fixed.

    ​I was wrong.

    I would like to know where did you download this file because the member sorting function on my forums still not fixed. :sad: Thank you in advance.

    My mistake, I misread the patch note above. Definitely it is still broken. To fix, in the file admin/applications/members/modules_public/list/view.php  replace this line:

    $this->request['quickjump']     = isset($this->request['quickjump']) ? intval( $this->request['quickjump'] ) : 0;

    with this one:

    $this->request['quickjump']     = isset($this->request['quickjump']) ? $this->request['quickjump'] : 0;


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