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  1. This isn't currently a feature unfortunately but I will add it to the todo list for feature improvements.
  2. Thank you. I can confirm this as a bug and have submitted a fix for inclusion in a future release.
  3. This should honour the value set in vBulletin. After conversion the value is stored in the core_members allow_admin_mails database column.
  4. It matches cases where multiple users leave positive reputation on the same content. The more content you both like the more the algorithm will weight you as having similar interests. For example if you and I both like the same five topics we will be more likely to show to each other than someone else that has only liked two of the same topics. The algorithm does not distinguish between different reaction types. It responds to all positive reactions regardless of the specific reaction given. e.g. you may react with a "like" and I may react with "haha" but as they are both positive interactions then the chance of us sharing similar interests is higher.
  5. Are you using the "Custom emails" settings for the individual product? If so it is intended that multiple emails are sent. If you would like to allow arbitrary donations then there is built in support for donations
  6. Please make sure you have enabled the support department setting to allow associated products. I have submitted a change to make this more clear when enabling the Show submit support request button.
  7. Yes, the app is fully supported. Please feel free to PM me with any support issues you may be facing.
  8. Thanks for reporting. This should now be resolved.
  9. This uses the definite and indefinite article translations. '__defart_topic' and '__indefart_topic'
  10. The custom font size is a generic page builder block setting and is intended for any body text. It sounds like in this situation it is the caption that is not being altered for you? If so you would need to specify custom css to override the value with an !important flag for the ipsWidget_imageCarousel__caption style.
  11. Can you send me a PM with access info so I can investigate this please?
  12. The requirement for address has been removed in 4.6.7. It is intended that PayPal is not available where a free trial is in use. This is not supported by PayPal for this API integration unfortunately.
  13. You mentioned above you had Adblock Plus installed. I have not replied elsewhere since posting my last reply and after following the notification from your reply the editor did not populate my last reply. Local storage is cleared after saving the post as expected in my testing so I suspect a javascript error on save potentially due to a conflict with a browser plugin. before saving after
  14. @CoffeeCake With your developer tools open do you see any errors? It's possible a js error is causing the local storage entries not to be cleared on save. I'm not able to reproduce the issue however. Could you also please try with ad blocker disabled to see if it's still an issue?
  15. The files should be removed immediately when the gallery item is permanently deleted (not soft deleted). There is also a task that runs that removes temporary files after 1 day. Temporary files can be stored if for example a user uploads an image and deletes it on the form without submitting or they abandon the upload process. If permanently deleting images/videos in your gallery is not immediately removing the files please let us know and we can investigate further via a ticket.
  16. Downloads files are deleted immediately after the main file records are *permanently* deleted (not soft deleted). There are occasions where "unclaimed" files may remain however. For example, if you upload a file on the submission form and delete it or upload without submitting the form then these will be retained in case the user returns to submit later. Those temporary files are deleted via a task after one day so if your tasks weren't running or you took your backup during that 1 day period then it would explain why you may have had some redundant files. I hope that helps.
  17. Can you please provide the full json-ld snippets that are failing validation and a link to the failing page? I'm not seeing any issues with how aggregateRating is implemented
  18. I have submitted a 4.6 compatibility update today
  19. Can you send me a PM with access info so I can investigate this please? I'm not seeing any issues locally.
  20. I have submitted a new version that should resolve this issue. Thank you for letting me know.
  21. There is a 4.5 compatibility update in review.
  22. This is intended for a single Pages database only, it does not generate a news sitemap for discussion topics. Support for regular sitemaps in topics is built in to Invision Community. Unfortunately the 4.4 version is no longer available but you're missing out by not upgrading to 4.5 😄 4.4 is still available and can be accessed from the changelog on the file listing.
  23. This should be the name of your publication e.g. "Wall Street Journal" although it is no longer required to exactly match the name in your articles at Google.
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