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  1. Sometimes the error messages thrown by IPB can be a little bit abrupt and not very user friendly. Particularly those that involve viewing permissions. Perhaps these could be made to be a bit more helpful to the end user in a future version? For example instead of the current "[#103139] You do not have permission to view this forum." how about offering up some reasons as to why this might be the case. e.g "not logged in" followed by links to register or log in. etc.
  2. Here's a few to get started (I've just really seriously started using Calendar so I'll add more as they crop up. 1. Improve recurring events so an event can occur on more than one day repeated weekly. here is a screenshot of how Google calendar handles this. Obviously this is a lot more flexible than the current setup as currently I need to add two seperate events when really it is just one. Also the two events sometimes show in the upcoming calendar events right next to each other as shown, which can be a little confusing. 2. Support for extra fields, certain things occur frequently like "Location" and "Entry Price" this would keep a consistent formatting. Currently it's a bit mish mash with different people interpreting the description tag differently. Even better if the calendar could be searched on these fields but that may be a bit overkill. 3. A better way of switching between weekly and monthly views possibly add a daily view as well. At the moment if you hit "view current week" when you get to the weekly summary there is no easy way to return to the monthly view. 4. Ability for members to watch events similar to topic subscriptions. This would alert members to any changes and send them a reminder closer to the time. 5. Ability to invite members to an event you have submitted and list those members that have confirmed, declined or are still awaiting a reply. Facebook-esque! With those things Calendar would be a formiddable app in it's own right and would integrate into the community package a lot better, currently I feel it is useful but underused as their is not enough integration with the rest of the products. I'm not sure if this final suggestion would work as it may be a bit of a mind leap for the average casual user but linking galleries to past calendar events could also be a nice feature Thanks for listening :)
  3. I was just thinking why Calendar is part of the default IPB package and not an application in it's own right. I would have thought this product would do well as an application similar to gallery and blog. This is a product that I feel is kind of taking a back seat and may warrant a bit more attention. Seperating it out from the main package may help with that. Thoughts?
  4. I think it would be a nice features for moderators to be able to set a topic as "PG" we often have topics and jokes threads that are only really suitable for an adult audience but I don't want to remove these outright. i.e. guests have to confirm they are over a certain age before viewing. I know we can restrict registration but I think that this denies people access to the majority of content that is perfectly suitable for all ages.
  5. It's because only certain browsers support the rounded corners functions of CSS if IPS wanted to have rounded corners for all browsers they would have to resort to invalid xhtml with images or messy markup.
  6. Thanks for that link however I actually just edited the xml file and changed... 'st' => 0, 'show' => 6, $img_list->getListingData( array( to... 'st' => 0, 'show' => 5, $img_list->getListingData( array(
  7. Yeah +1 on collapsible here too. Also an option to change the number of images shown. I have altered to a fixed width skin and at the moment 6 images wraps to new line. Can anybody point me to this in the code so I can do a DIY mod in the meantime please?
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