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  1. Apologies, I'll try and illustrate more clearly http://www.angelfire.com/super/badwebs/ :)
  2. Yep, opening in a new tab/window is a user choice not one for us to make for them.
  3. I'm still not entirely sure why there is a need for a banned members group as well as this new banned member status. It's all very confusing.
  4. +1 for expiring moved markers.
  5. This isn't appearing in my footer but if I browse directly to index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=reputation it works fine
  6. Nice suggestion, I think it would be better just allowing comments on the event within the calendar rather than abstracting to forums though. Definately Ditto
  7. So IPB, Gallery, Blog and IP.C are all steaming ahead nicely and are inline with the 3.0 series. Are we likely to see some calendar improvements next?
  8. I'll second the atomic rocket suggestion. There's a good wiki guide here... http://www.atomicorp.com/wiki/index.php/PHP
  9. I will be running 3 versions of IPB on seperate domains. Some of the forums will be specific to the individual domain but some will be more general interest. As member syndication via converge is already possible it would be nice if somebody posted in a certain forum on one domain it would be syndicated on others. I'm aware this is sort of possible with RSS but it wouldn't take care of replies this way.
  10. Something like.... "I've just posted a new discussion entitled 'bla bla bla' on the X community forums at {url}." or "I've just posted a new issue entitled 'High street needs resurfacing' in the X community issue tracker at {url}."
  11. I meant the other way. updating peoples facebook with new topics, posts etc and links back
  12. I have just set up the Facebook Connect integration but I think the Facebook side of the application is underutilised. It would be good if we could extend the functionality of this to update people's news feeds when they make a new post on the forums/gallery/tracker etc. (optional of course). Is this even possible? What other things could the Facebook side of things be used for?
  13. Breaks Topic View on upgrade to IPB 3.0.4 with error... [Fri Nov 13 13:19:32 2009] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_global_1::tbsrtvhook() in /var/www/vhosts/*******/httpdocs/forums/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(2912) : eval()'d code on line 1
  14. I like how users can set a global default for the reply notification setting but as an admin I'd like to set this default to "daily digest" for new members. A lot of my new members don't realise they can subscribe to topics and as a result we often have questions asked and then the original poster doesn't visit again.
  15. Great mod thanks. One issue though. For some reason only the colon and reputation figure show in calendar event view. The "Reputation" text is missing.
  16. I can't see how posts in a public forum would have to be removed by law. I would be interested to know what is actually deleted when cancelling a facebook account. I can't imagine them having to delete messages sent to other users wall/group posts etc. Only the users own wall and images etc. I agree a cancel account feature may be appropriate to delete profile info/avatars/pictures etc. but submitted content should be left intact.
  17. some good points there gp3. Communities are no longer just about forums and I do believe that at the core IPS realises this and this is why these products exist at all. Software takes time to develop and clearly attention has been focussed on their real speciality (IPB) up to now. This is not a bad thing! I do hope that the focus now balances out so the other products can be brought back into line and integrate with the current generation of IPB. This is just how things work out as the products mature, one foot then the other so to speak. As Pisaldi says my calendar is mainly being used for the default birthday functionality and whatever the admins can be bothered to add. The mainstream member with the odd exception, doesn't see it as a tool to contribute to, they only see it as a way for admins to notify them of events. What would help is if the current odd exception was given tools like invites to help wake up the other mainstream members to the possibilities. If a member gets an invite off another member then suddenly they are made aware that they too can publish events and so begins the cascade.
  18. It is my opinion that, since the new ban system has been introduced, the old method of creating a dedicated banned group is now redundant with one exception. When a user is banned with the new method or via the automated spam service they still appear in the member list. I submitted this as a bug report but apparantly this is working as intended. I think this is strange intended behaviour as to me this is what I would call a "suspend" feature rather than a ban. So my suggestion is add a setting in the ACP to hide banned members allowing us to remove the dedicated banned user group. Alternatively extend the new ban functionality to include a seperate "suspended" state so admins have the choice at a user level.
  19. Ah OK didn't realise that. I did a search for "reputation" and nothing showed up. Looks like my help files didn't update on the upgrade to 3.0.2.
  20. I think it would be a good idea to explain the reputation system to users through the help topics or maybe even a "what's this?" style popup icon next to the reputation icons. Even better might be instead of the plus and minus buttons use the more common thumbs up, thumbs down "Like this" terminology?
  21. I like the proposed changes in this thread. I currently have a hidden Admin category with a moderators forum and the trash can which is only visible to admins. It would be nice if discussion I currently have in the moderator forum could take place in the report center as well to keep everything focussed in one place.
  22. On that note it would also be nice if the member list could be sorted by reputation too ;)
  23. Yes but again this is an argument against the complete rep system not promotion based on reputation. How many people's friends are going to register to a random board just to get a friend a minor promotion. The point is, if the reputation system is any use at all, then it should be used for purposes such as this. Otherwise its entire existence is totally pointless. If the reputation system works succesfully, as it does on my board, then we should be able to utilise it fully.And would remove the temptation to reply to every post with inane smilies and comments that add nothing to discussion.
  24. Yes and no. I wouldn't use it personally. In principle I agree but there would have to be some sort of max min range for when people are flirting with the threshold. if they flit back and forth over a couple of rep points it could be frustrating for the end user. So a promote at say 25 and demote at 15 would be a better way of doing it. That way they would have to deteriorate significantly to be demoted. If that were the case then yes I would use it.
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