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  1. Facebook Login Handlers Setup

    For technical support please submit a ticket via your client area. This forum is for pre-sales questions.
  2. Large Invision Communities

    Please ask for your ticket to be escalated if you feel your issue has not been resolved fully. If you are below the 750 user limit on your plan then poor performance is not something you should be experiencing.
  3. Recently Browsing

    Sidebar blocks are set at a view level. You should not need to add it to every forum. Adding to one forum should add it to all. If you require technical assistance with this feature please submit a support ticket via the client area.
  4. Recently Browsing

    This is built in functionality of the software there is no need to buy or download an additional plugin.
  5. Large Invision Communities

    Hi Scott, we have a few large communities on our cloud and enterprise services. There is no reason you should be suffering performance issues. As an active customer please feel free to submit a ticket and we can investigate. If you've exhausted the capabilities of the retail offerings we can check and recommend some alternative solutions if required.
  6. Recently Browsing

    This is a sidebar block. Provided you are set up as a user with permission to manage these you can do so from the interface directly on the front end. If you're an existing customer and this functionality is not working for you please feel free to submit a support ticket from your client area.
  7. Automatic Topics List

    Hello, It's not clear what you mean by "Automatic Topics List" could you please clarify further what you are looking for.
  8. CMS

    Invision Community features the Pages application which includes CMS functionality and more. Further info can be found at https://invisioncommunity.com/features/publishing/
  9. Changing avatar size?

    You can alter the avatar size using the group settings "Maximum profile photo storage size" and "Maximum profile photo width/height"
  10. IPB Gallery

    Uploading videos is indeed supported. Please submit a ticket if you are seeing errors uploading videos so we can investigate.
  11. Please submit a ticket via your client area for technical support.
  12. How is data exported?

    You will need to discuss that with your new provider. We can't provide support for importing data into Wordpress.
  13. Cloud - IP Content, Pages etc

    Cloud and self hosted versions are functionally identical. You can certainly set up Pages databases on the cloud platform.
  14. Toggle Sidebar

    For technical support please submit a ticket from your client area.
  15. Sorry for the delay. It sounds like you are looking to move a member to a different user group when an action occurs in a 3rd party application? For this you could use the rest API if your 3rd party application allows for custom actions. https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api Specifically you would use the member edit endpoint https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/members/POSTitem