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  1. Hello


    I am not sure if Im missing something with the gallery. I have it setup that when a member uploads an image that a moderator will have to approve. But not where does it alert you when someone uploads. Is this a bug or am I missing something. 


    Thank you for the help

  2. I am using the Grid: Display forums as cards in a grid in my forums. Now on the boards If I dont want to use a picture it shows a Black square. Is there anyway to get rid of that black square?

  3. Hello

    Is there anyway to turn off the profile cover photo.  I see where you can stop members from uploading a photo but what do I do if I dont want the cover photo to be used sitewide


    Thank you for any help

  4. Hello @Michael.J

    I was wondering if there is an option for multiple welcome messages from different groups. So lets say I want to have the initial welcome message for registering to the site but when they are added to a new group I need a way to have an automatice welcome message to that group

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