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  1. tommax

    [IPS4] Tutorials

    I did so ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.
  2. tommax

    [IPS4] Tutorials

    Thx for help! It's not Tutorial bug,
  3. tommax

    [IPS4] Tutorials

    Sorry, Fix it. Plz check again ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. tommax

    [IPS4] Tutorials

    I'll test Tutotial in default theme and problem not resolve. :( On the default theme for some reason, the gaps between the lines are displayed. horrorterritory.com/tutorials/article/1-intervyu-s-prodyuserami-resident-evil-2-remake-kadzunori-kadoi-i-cuyosi-kanda/
  5. tommax

    Videos Support

    If we will have separate setting per language then we can specify any format we want (long or short date time) for each language. On my view big opportunities are in setting of any format (m-Y, d-m, etc) as setting. It's separate bug.
  6. where can i resize logo at the top of the page? I wanted to put a logo of 300x150, but it is automatically reduced to 250x100.
  7. tommax

    [IPS4] Tutorials

    Hello, I have a problem with the editor: indent between lines in the article is more than it shows in the editor. In the remaining sections everything is fine. The problem is only with Tutorials. How to fix it? First screen - article. Second screen - editor.
  8. tommax

    Pages SuperGrid support

    Hi, Can you add button for create new topic in mobile version?
  9. tommax

    Videos Support

    Could you consider this feature? To allow user to use any format of date supported by php (Y-m-d, d-m-Y etc) and depending from using language. And we have one more bug. For some reasons during first saving of new added video the "%BOARD_URL%" token is being lost. We need to edit new added video and specify this token one more time. After that he is being saved properly. Thank you for your feedback!
  10. tommax

    Videos Support

    if( $this->video_type == 'media_upload_url' ) { /* Change board url tag to actual url */ if( mb_substr( $this->video_data, 0, 11 ) === '%BOARD_URL%' ) { $this->video_data = str_replace( '%BOARD_URL%', '', $this->video_data ); } } This is what i want and it works. Substitution str_replace( '%BOARD_URL%', '', $this->video_data ). Could you include this fix in the next build? And what about video addresses in pages of video system? Are they being recalculated every time (request) based on current site address? I still mean the case of change of site address Can we do by the same way site-relative values of other tokens (%VIDEO_LINK%, %CATEGORY_LINK% etc)? $tags['%CATEGORY_LINK%'] = "<a href=".str_replace( \IPS\Http\Url::internal( '' ), '', $this->container()->url() ).">".$this->container()->_title."</a>"; $tags['%VIDEO_LINK%'] = "<a href=".str_replace( \IPS\Http\Url::internal( '' ), '', $this->url() ).">{$this->title}</a>"; $tags['%PROFILE_LINK%'] = "<a href=".str_replace( \IPS\Http\Url::internal( '' ), '', $this->author()->url() ).">".$this->author()->name."</a>"; You have a bug when the name of picture contains brackets ( ) https://yadi.sk/i/bQFp2z54o1UQlg You can't add video with site-relative address via "Quick Add" dialog https://yadi.sk/i/-VSqYix9VE82rw Issue with category content https://yadi.sk/i/zc_ls9h8R-pmGw Add one more configuration to discussion topic in order to allow to specify date format per language $tags['%DATE_ADDED%'] = \IPS\DateTime::create( $this->date )->format( 'd-m-Y' ); $tags['%DATE_UPDATED%'] = $this->last_updated ? \IPS\DateTime::create( $this->last_updated )->format( 'd-m-Y' ) : '';
  11. tommax

    Send Email in Profile

    ะกan you make it possible for guests to send mail too?
  12. tommax

    Videos Support

    Thx for help!
  13. tommax

    Videos Support

    Hello, When you specify "Media Upload URL" value during "Enter url to uploaded file" mode like "%BOARD_URL%/OpenData/video.mp4" then in discussion topic via "%VIDEO_DATA%" token we have "%BOARD_URL%/OpenData/video.mp4". It's not right. We need to substitute this token if we go by this way. Will be better if we will have only part after %BOARD_URL% token in discussion topic because in case of change of site address we will not require to update existing topics. On my view we can reject the use of %BOARD_URL% fully even in video page. Simply allow user to specify site relative url as is. Because in current moment if we don't include %BOARD_URL% then additional value like "http://site/uploads/" is being prepended to specified url by user. Could you provide a quick fix?
  14. tommax

    Message on Signup Screen

    I installed IPS 4.3.5 on test forum and only your plugin. Everything works ... I will check the settings on my site. Thank you.