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  1. tommax

    Videos Support

    Hello, When you specify "Media Upload URL" value during "Enter url to uploaded file" mode like "%BOARD_URL%/OpenData/video.mp4" then in discussion topic via "%VIDEO_DATA%" token we have "%BOARD_URL%/OpenData/video.mp4". It's not right. We need to substitute this token if we go by this way. Will be better if we will have only part after %BOARD_URL% token in discussion topic because in case of change of site address we will not require to update existing topics. On my view we can reject the use of %BOARD_URL% fully even in video page. Simply allow user to specify site relative url as is. Because in current moment if we don't include %BOARD_URL% then additional value like "http://site/uploads/" is being prepended to specified url by user. Could you provide a quick fix?
  2. tommax

    Message on Signup Screen

    I installed IPS 4.3.5 on test forum and only your plugin. Everything works ... I will check the settings on my site. Thank you.
  3. Where can I see the plugin settings? I do not see the settings. Are they in another place?
  4. tommax

    Message on Signup Screen

    I went to my site as a guest and tried to create a new user. I went to the registration page and did not see any text. Plugin is enabled. Default style. The text of the plug-in is displayed, which should be displayed.
  5. Plugin don't have any settings... In IPS 4.3.5 I don't see settings in member list...
  6. tommax

    Message on Signup Screen

    Where I can setting permissions?
  7. tommax

    Message on Signup Screen

    I'm clearing cache, but it's don't help. I install plugin as new plugin (not re-install). In defaul theme plugin don't work too.
  8. tommax

    Message on Signup Screen

    Plugin not display in IPS 4.3.5
  9. tommax

    Forum Table Header (Support)

    I have same problem as LinuxRoy. Plugin does not correctly display the name of Table Header.
  10. Whee I can see settings? Can't find it for IPS 4.3.5.
  11. tommax

    Videos Support

    Hello, Please, allow to specify site-relative urls to already uploaded files on site. Add additional %VIDEO_URL% key to configuration of discussion topic so we can extract specified url to file. Correct other links provided by existing keys to site-relative (for example category link) for opportunity of easy change of site address. https://yadi.sk/i/SZj8_det3WspPrhttps://yadi.sk/i/bVTJ2x5e3WspfC