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  1. Mail Bouncer

    Same here
  2. 1 Huge Opportunity Missed

    I like your idea and I would add to it. We need an Invision Power version of Kickstarter for plug-ins and add-ons. How would @Adriano Faria know what there is a need for out there? Most of us smaller sites can't afford to front $500 to get a developer to create an app, but I know I would like a place to submit ideas and pre-bid on an app. That way he, or any other developer out there could gauge the amount of interest in an app. The suggestion submitter should be able to choose which developer offer gets the job, and the developer would get to sell the app on the marketplace once development is done. For example, I'd really like a Google News Sitemap mod and would be willing to pay say, $20 for it. I have no idea how many other people would like it and neither do developers. There is a severe Chicken-Egg problem here with a disconnect between those of us who run sites and the developers who create the mods.
  3. New: Promoting Content

    That is already enabled. I'm starting to suspect that my custom page templates have something to do with it.
  4. New: Promoting Content

    Can someone assist me with tagging articles to promote? I have found how to promote gallery, article comments, and forum posts, but I seem to be missing a button for promoting the article itself. Is there a setting I am missing?
  5. Patreon connect?

    PayPal I feel is being phased out as far as this sort of support is concerned. I know I have already.
  6. Patreon connect?

    Every single suggestion I and most others put forward you shoot down as being unneeded. You often take the position here that just because you would never use it, none of the rest of us should want to either. However, my frustrations are not just with you, but with IPS as well. The Forums app is class leading. Pages, Blogs, and Gallery, not so much. Pages in particular has the power to be a Wordpress killer if only it weren't 75% finished in that regard. You love to beat the "It's not core functionality" drum all the time. Fine, then either IPS needs to start developing their own additional plug-ins outside of core or they need to offer some sort of additional incentive to get 3rd parties to start developing some. Having to go out and find a developer for every single add-on or plug-in and then only have a 50/50 chance of ongoing support for that add-on is not tenable. No developer is going to want to take up building this Patreon payment gateway because there is no way for them to see any demand for it. Site owners can't/won't pay $400 for a one off plug-in to get it started. It's a chicken-egg problem... and having you come in and push down any and all requests is supremely unhelpful. If you don't want to use the idea floated... just let it go and leave the debate to the people who do want it.
  7. Patreon connect?

    Patreon is superior to Paypal in a number of ways and with the insignificant amount of effort involved in signing up as a Patreon Creator means the need to have both currently is an entirely moot point. If Patreon connect were offered as a payment option through IPS, I'd have the PC account created in less than 5 minutes. Linking Patreon to subscription or service levels as a reward is elementary. Setting a $1.25 per month reward level that eliminates ads would be where I'd start... and higher levels that offered additional access or early access to content or secret clubs.... Not. Everyone. Runs. Just. A. Forum. The biggest part of my sites runs on Pages. I often find the blindness to the potential of IPS so frustrating. Most everything outside the focus of Forums is only 75% thought through.
  8. Patreon connect?

    Why wouldn't there be a logical connection between Patreon and running IPS.... or are you only thinking of Forums? I just signed up as a Patreon of McMansion Hell and all it is is a Tumblr blog.
  9. It was fixed over a year ago. It's fine now.
  10. New: Complete Your Profile

    You mean.... after 10 years of asking for it... I can finally make birthday a required field?!
  11. Time to abandon emoticons, embrace emoji!!!

    I'd want to keep my emoticons... we have some that go back 10+ years and are used frequently... we also have a number that are custom to our site.
  12. I really wish there was a way to split the block where the article displays. There should be the Article Content block and the Article Comments block. My primary reason for this is so that I could put other blocks in between them... either Ads or Related Content blocks.
  13. Needed: Save Draft Button in Editor

    Something still isn't right. I just went to make another reply to a thread and a post of mine from 3 hours ago (and a 3 posts ago) came up in the editor box.
  14. Needed: Save Draft Button in Editor

    If I do use the back button, I frequently get content restored to my editor window that is very old or even from some other post. The one that this happened to me on, I lost 2 pages of work. I hit back and got some old post that had already been posted restored to my editor window.
  15. Mail Bouncer

    That sucks..... Sparkpost just disabled any of my users with Yahoo then.