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  1. It just does the same thing as the current "copy to database" feature does, just that it lets you do it to any post. It doesn't fix it so it keeps the same comment thread throughout the article, database & forum topic.
  2. Is there any update on this feature? It's extremely frustrating that there is no longer full linked compatibility from database to forum to news article. It makes my site look empty when frontpage articles no longer have any comments compared to previous versions where 100's of comments could be seen on the frontpage, in the forum or on a database entry.
  3. Likes need two clicks now?

    If you only allow one reaction, I only allow "like" then it should just be an automatic one touch.
  4. GDPR - new European Privacy law

    I don't see what this has to do with Invision per se. A forum can't send out emails to anyone who hasn't signed up to the site. A forum admin can already require a user to validate their own email via a return email. A forum admin can already set privacy guidelines. You can even require existing users to prompt members on their next log-in to accept new policies. These things should enable a European based user to fulfil whatever of these crazy rules they think they need to do. Is there anything specific you think Invision itself needs to do?
  5. Perhaps you should try using the built-in theme wizard to make your own, at least to start with. It's pretty customisation out of the box, and there's a lot of help available on these forums if you really want a specific "thing" or look. And then if you aren't happy, go theme shopping. In 3x I had some free themes, but I also had one by Ehren. In 4x I've got my own theme I made using the wizard. It's not beautiful but it works for me. I say this is place is still a great community, and has a wide range of both free and 'commercial' users that can do various things for various prices. It's up to you to figure out what you want from your forum and how much you want it.
  6. Promote Posts to Articles

    Does this replicate the old "Promote to article" functions of 3x? I have a database. They create forum threads. In 3x I would then promote the forum thread to an article. The comments were the same, in effect all three were linked. The "Copy to Database" doesn't work like that, it makes a separate article to the forum topic. Very messy.
  7. Hi @Lindy this new "Copy to Database" is kinda broken. It no longer keeps the comments from a database/forum thread if you use "Copy to Database". It makes the copied thread it's own separate article with it's own separate comments. And if you've set the article category to make a new thread, it then creates what is a "duplicate" forum thread. In 3x you could make a database entry, create a forum topic, then promote the forum topic into an article, and it would all be the same set of comments no matter where it was being viewed or commented on.
  8. New: Copy Topic to Database

    Click the dropdown and it will bring up the article categories, and then any subcategories. The feature is kinda broken though, I just tried it, in the same way I used "Promote to Article" to promote a forum thread to a frontpage article, except it created a duplicate forum thread. I've put in a bug report already.
  9. How I would make Forums the social media killer

    Hosting video is expensive. Youtube loses huge amounts of money. I don't think it's something the staff guys are going to want to try and get into. Edit - You can already set up internal infrastructure that works with video and IBP, the linustechtips site has their special floatplane club where they mirror their content (with a 1 week bonus earlier viewing period compared to youtube). It would be interesting to see the IPB guys get in touch with Linus/Luke and perhaps come up with a partnership or something where they integrate those features into the site?
  10. Could be useful as a kind of temporary measure against a smart troll (buying time until they realise they are shadow banned, say by viewing the site as a guest), or a hilariously good one against a stupid troll who doesn't realise at all.
  11. Update on Invision Community 4.2

    Please ensure that the ability to promote the forum topic of a database entry into a front page article works, retaining all the comments for the thread, frontpage article and database. Thank you.
  12. Disable Ads on Specific Pages

    Looks to be working fine. Hope it stays that way in future patches.
  13. The only thing I "sell" on my site is a donation that gives the user a year upgrade to a special "Donator" user group. It gives them a bunch of upgraded features, including showing them as a donator, reducing flood control, larger signature, ability to upload directly to the site for images and other various little bonuses. So in my case, the "Donation Goals" would be xyz amount of people buying that in a month.
  14. It would be nice if the "Donation Goals" block could be expanded. It'd be helpful if it could be linked to specific products that you're selling, and have the intervals as per the OP (and perhaps a smaller "Last Month $100 of $250 goal" type thing. A work around is using "Custom Fields" and linking it to whatever Product you want (with it's set minimum value). It won't be "pay what you want" so to speak, but you'll be able to let the buyer choose what they want to pay overall.
  15. I use the databases, and generate forum topics based on a database entry. Some of the databases have multiple categories, which have their own sub-forum. My question, is there an option which will automatically move the forum topic for a database entry when it's database category changes? Instead of having to move them manually. Thanks. (I was asked to post here by support).