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  1. We moved all of our files (for the most part) to Amazon S3 today and next we want to setup CloudFront. When configuring the S3 configuration setting in the ACP, there's an option for a custom URL which I believe we'll need, correct? What URL would I need to put in the custom URL field to make sure the CloudFront CDN is working proper with IPS 4?
  2. Was clearing notifications removed in v4? We haven't been able to find where to clear them after upgrading. If not, could anyone please let me know how to clear them? We have a ton of members asking about it.
  3. After upgrading to the 4.x series our moderators can't view reported content. They can view the ModCP and view warnings, but not reports. I have looked all over the ACP but must be missing some option to give the member group access to viewing reports. Does anyone happen to know where it is? Many thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm going to be attempting to bridge together a custom CMS and our V4 forum soon, and have been looking at the IPS Connect documentation. It mentions using GET parameters and returning status codes. I'm a very visual learner, and I was hoping someone could take a quick moment to write out some quick example code for simply communicating with a master IPS Suite and making sure the custom application successfully connects? From there, I will be able to reference the documentation and follow along better... I just need to see how something basic is done and I can apply it from there (after brushing up on my PHP a little bit). It would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello, We run a rather active community, and when we upgrade to IPS 4, would love to take advantage of the Amazon S3 Storage Setting that's built-into the suite. My question, however, is if we could easily support alternative S3-like services, such as DreamObjects. DreamObjects uses the same API as Amazon S3, it just requires a different endpoint (objects.dreamhost.com). Is there an easy way to change the endpoint so we can use our buckets with alternative providers? That's really the only bit of code that needs to change and it should work (assuming there's not... strange things going on in the background). I've actually gotten several developers of other applications to support services like DreamObjects by simply allowing users to optionally specify their own custom endpoint as it's a quick way to support other services that use the S3 API without doing any additional "work". Is there a hardcoded file I can modify? Thanks!
  6. ​No longer getting the CSS issues but I still have the Error code: EX0 when trying to access the store module. This also happens when trying to view all of reported content.
  7. Okay, reverted to 347 and all the settings were correct. I'm trying the whole process again. In the mean time, does anyone know about the custom admin settings you could do in 3.4.7? I need them for a external app I wrote that uses the Nexus and board API. Basically the outside app required usage of ipsRegistry::$settings array.
  8. Interesting, I'll look into it. We have a very active forum and I can't imagine that the folder was incorrect before the upgrade. Regarding the Nexus issues, maybe I'll have to do a support ticket. If anyone has any ideas on that, please let me know. Thank you!
  9. Hm, are the Theme Resources supposed to be in the uploads folder? I'm still trying to learn the new ACP, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong area:
  10. Hi Andy, No, this isn't a copy. I just did a backup of our live board (to several locations) and did an upgrade. All the paths *seem* to be okay, but I'lll triple check real quick.
  11. We just recently upgraded our forums from 3.4.7 to 4.0 but we ran into a couple of major issues I'm hoping I could get some assistance with: 1.) The default theme seems to be missing elements. It's just a white. It doesn't seem like all the CSS is missing though, it's odd: 2.) In the ACP I'm trying to force a rebuild (this was something I was going to try to see if it fixes the theme issue) and I get the following error: When trying to view our Store module: Trying to view reported content I get a similar screen as the above, but with error code EX1054 I have already tried redownloading the IPB4 package and reuploading it to no avail. Lastly, I have a custom download setup for downloading purchased files from the Commerce module via Amazon S3 links that interacted with the Nexus API. I used custom settings in the ACP to provide download URLs... Was the custom settings in the ACP removed? If so, any suggestions on how to get this going again? All I need is an admin-only text field to input a download URL that will be tied to a specific product ID. Any suggestions? Did I miss an important step somewhere? Thanks!
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