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  1. Just to add for anyone reading the above - if you go to http://www.reddit.com/oembed?format=json&url=https://www.reddit.com/r/reactjs/comments/14s3r1j/adding_the_new_threadsnet_social_share_button_to/?rdt=53260&scheme=https (this is the URL produced by Invision to connect to Reddit to get the oembed code) it will redirect to the https equivalent: https://www.reddit.com/oembed?format=json&url=https://www.reddit.com/r/reactjs/comments/14s3r1j/adding_the_new_threadsnet_social_share_button_to/?rdt=53260&scheme=https ...and produce the expected response. I am not indicating here that it's going to fix things for those currently blocked (you will need to contact Reddit to get your server IP unblocked) nor am I indicating here that the change by Invision will stop people being blocked going forward - I am only indicating that in my case above, we have not seen any further blocks since making the change after the second unblock being done.
  2. Just as a bit of information to add to the mix here... A few weeks ago I assisted someone on a problem with Reddit embeds on their own site (non-Invision) which had the same problem - Reddit unblocked their IP address, but a few days later it was blocked again. Contacted Reddit again, they unblocked it but advised us to review the embed code being used. It was then that I spotted that the URL being used for the oembed endpoint was http://www.reddit.com/oembed - updated it to https://, and we've not seen any further blocks. The endpoint for reddit in \IPS\Text\Parser is http://www.reddit.com/oembed
  3. Youre overthinking it there... EVERY field in a Pages database has a "topic format" field - make use of it:
  4. See attached - want to change the phrase? The language string is called neplugin_empty_topicfeed (NE) Empty topic feed 1.0.0.xml
  5. Or maybe just use this as the topic format for your content field... <div data-ipsTruncate data-ipsTruncate-size="3 lines" data-ipsTruncate-type="remove">{value}</div>
  6. Oh, that works in plugins/applications where you have complete control over the code of the fields. You don't have that with themes as fast as I can see.
  7. I thought so... In that video, you appear to be expecting the toggling of the field to be 'live' - but it doesn't work like that. Change the first field, scroll down, click Save and reload, check the second field. That's what I am doing in the videos.
  8. OK, as you can see in my video it's working fine for me. Attaching another video of the full thing being done. video.zip
  9. How much is it worth? mwahahahahaaaa But seriously...this is the conditional for the second of the 2 settings in that video: <?php return (boolean) $this->settings['neapp_theme_setting_1'];
  10. You mean this... Editing Default — Mozilla Firefox 2023-12-12 17-13-34.mp4
  11. In that case, the bug would be the language string being incorrect. Anyway - it's reported, up to Invision how they handle it.
  12. This reminds me of another annoying issue while you are poking around in that area - this is what someone sees if content moderation is enabled on an account after they have replied to a topic: If the content must be approved before the content can be edited then an edit link shouldn't be there, and I shouldn't be able to edit (which I can if I click the link)
  13. There we go - fleshed out a bit more... https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/file/40-profile-field-per-user-group/
  14. Before diving in to that custom app idea...might be an idea to show, in a screenshot, what you are referring to for hiding. Why? Because profile fields, which might be what you are referring to by "Personal information" can already be hidden from view:
  15. Yeah, you haven't done it. Go to the acp. Edit your group. Locate the 'Can post HTML?' settings. Enable it. Save the group. Got to the front end...you should now see the source button.
  16. No The one titled 'Source' - you said that ...so it had to be assumed that you had. If you didn't then you should check your group to see if you have the "Can post HTML?" setting is enabled for it. You're adding whatever your html code is
  17. It was a link to a resource on the Marketplace, which no longer exists...hence it no longer shows.
  18. Wouldn't it help to provide the URL of the page so that it can be understood what application etc this relates to within the suite?
  19. You used the HTML option within the Code box button...that literally just posts code as text. Click the Source button in the editor to edit the html.
  20. You won't get it. Request a backup of your data, host the provided DB yourself
  21. This is what you should expect to happen: Anyone having share on twitter problem_ - Technical Problems - Invision Community — Mozilla Firefox 2023-11-29 16-45-31.mp4 But all that going on within the popup box...that's Twitter's issue. Personally, the fact that it displays what looks like CSS as plain text right at the start indicates that they likely haven't tested whatever the heck it is that they are now doing when sharing.
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