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  1. 14 minutes ago, pequeno said:

    It will be applied to the videos that are already uploaded?

    Yup - the plugin modifies the display of the links/attachments, as opposed to modifying them prior to submission, so it's backwards-compatible to items uploaded prior to the plugin installation. If you aren't seeing the player for an attachment, make sure the attachment's file extension is added to the plugin's video settings.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Qubabos said:

    I dont need any refund, maybe we can sort this out in a later time :) I noticed that internal images that are to big to fit the post in topic view have links to bigger, original size. After hide only links those images disappear from post with http 404 and "FileStorage" string in source post. And this happen for logged users, guests still see hidden message. Try yourself in this scenario. Hide only links, attach some big dimensions images to post and reload topic view.

    I can't reproduce - hence why I requested what I did. If you wish to investigate at a later point, send me the requested details so I can take a closer look.

    Update: may have reproduced what I think you are explaining. I'll fix what I've spotted and release an update in a couple of days....likely to include that other item you asked for via PM too.

  3. 18 minutes ago, alexxis said:

    Also a question, since I haven't found this info in the original post: after enabling this plugin, will all the other previously created polls invisible until the polls will be closed? Or the effect of this plugin will be shown only on the newly created polls?

    All poll results, regardless of time of opening in comparison to the installation of the plugin, will be hidden either forever or until the poll is closed.

    20 minutes ago, alexxis said:

    That's a good idea making the poll results totally invisible! But in some situations/gaming communities this feature could be necessary not throughout the whole community, but only in some specific categories. That's why a suggestion: is it possible to implement a new settings, where we can choose, in which categories these invisible polls will be available?

    Maybe in the future but I have no plans to work on new features on this one at present so just bug fixes (if any needed) If the plugin proves more popular, then new features will be added.

  4. 1 minute ago, Gabriel Torres said:

    @Nathan Explosion It would be great if it could also detect links that IPS converts to embbeded code (e.g., youtube links are converted to embbeded videos).

    Already does it 'out of the box' - the plugin discards html so the count doesn't included those. Links are different as a link actually has a text element too (ie the word show on the link) hence why I needed to do this new version.

    If someone who buys the plugin has any other exclusions that they would like put in, then I'll do that.

  5. Disable the plugin - if you no longer have the problem, can you provide exact reproduction steps so that I can test things out (include a screenshot of your settings pages)

    FYI: this is what I see for that comment - looks ok to me:




    • Forum plugin which will allow you to impose limits on the number of words or characters which a post must contain before it can be submitted
    • Ability to set limit based on number of words or number of characters
    • Ability to set lower and/or upper limits on the number of words or characters.
    • Ability to target all or just specific forums
    • Ability to target all or just specific groups
    • Configurable information message displayed to posters, and updated as they type
  7. Here you go....

    6 hours ago, Silver Huang said:
    1. Playback video and audio file attachments in Blog posts?
      • Answer: Yes, it will support the playback of video and audio file attachments in blog posts.
    2. Embed and playback externally hosted video and audio, like on say YouTube and Soundcloud, in Blog posts?
      • Answer: If it's already hosted on Youtube and Soundcloud, use the native IPS functionality provided by oembed. If it's a file hosted elsewhere without a player, then my plugin should be capable of playing the file. Example: http://video.webmfiles.org/big-buck-bunny_trailer.webm is a direct link to a video and the plugin will play it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqz-KE-bpKQ is the link for the same video but already hosted on youtube - the plugin will not not play it, and you should use the native IPS functionality.
    3. What are the video and audio file formats that are supported for playback?
      • Answer: Whatever your browser, or user's browsers, are capable of playing. The plugin doesn't provide the actual support for playback of the files - it's just a means to display the native HTML5 player for that file. Your browser provides the support for the ability to play those files. Want to test your browser's ability to show a HTML5 player? Go here: https://tools.woolyss.com/html5-audio-video-tester/
    4. Also, when do you think you'll be releasing version 1.1?
      • I've got it pretty much ready to go now but I want to test it out a little more before I release - I'll have it released for sure before the end of the month, if not earlier.



  8. I've got another option that I was planning to include with version 1.1, but can put out a 1.0.4 for if people would like it sooner.

    The default behaviour for the HTML5 video/audio is to preload the video or audio element - which means that the moment a user loads up to the page containing the video/audio element then that item is being downloaded ready to be played. I can see that being a problem with mobile data, so have an option to control the preload behaviours.

    If you guys would like this feature sooner rather than later, let me know and I can put out another version.

  9. Version 1.0.3 released:

    • added option to use fluid width instead of fixed width/height for videos (assists with responsiveness, and helps maintain aspect ratio of original video)
    • minor typo fixes
    • minor modifications to settings layout, in preparation for new functionality changes in version 1.1
  10. Here is what I think is going on - you may have mp4 added to the list of audio extensions, which will mean that it is listed as both video and audio. The code execution will identify it first as video and then again as audio, and will use the audio player. If you have mp4 listed as an audio extension then remove it.

  11. Helpfully asked via the review system (last time I'm going to provide support for anything posted there)

    On 29/10/2017 at 11:35 PM, Virgo81 said:

    with the mp4 file does not appear on the video but the audio player

    1. Provide the MP4 file for testing
    2. Post a screenshot of the resulting item posted on your forum
    3. Provide a screenshot of the plugin settings for both Video and Audio
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