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  1. 8 minutes ago, IceCore said:

    I mean for marked in yellow below:


    i tried to change what you suggested withour success

    I know what you mean - that is the "original link"

    It's up to you what you do with the CSS - just target the new 'neavplayer' class (just added in v1.1.1) in your custom.css to do what you want with it.


  2. I can show you the code that the link takes but it's nothing to do with the plugin at all. The plugin will take this out if 'Display original link' is disabled, and do nothing to the link if the setting is enabled.

    It's simply the default link that is is put in by IPS when you add an attachment.

    <a class="ipsAttachLink" data-extension="core_Attachment" href="http://localhost/ips_42/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=24" data-fileid="24" rel="">a2002011001-e02-16kHz.wav</a>

    So that is what you target via you custom CSS.

    If I do any further development on the plugin then I can pop an additional class in to the link that you can then target if you wished to only change links for audio/video files.

    Stuff it....was easy to add so update released :D

    What's new in v1.1.1:

    • Added 'neavplayer' class to the link that is left in place in the event that 'Display original link' option is enabled for audio or video.
  3. What's new in v1.1

    • plugin has had a complete rewrite to reduce duplicated code and improve performance, as well as allow easier addition of new functionality as and when needed
    • Audio/Video player can now be displayed in the following areas:
      • Forums
      • Pages
      • Blogs
      • Calendar
      • Messaging
      • Announcements
    • granular permission functionality to control a group's ability to view the player depending on the type (audio/video) and location (local attachment or remote link) of the media item
    • Preload functionality now specific to video and/or audio, instead of a global setting
    • Added support for the Google Chrome supported 'controlsList' attribute, which allows the hiding of certain controls in the HTML5 video player.

    Important: after upgrading the plugin, please review the settings to adjust them as required to introduce the permissions/location functionality.

    Note: There have been some reports recently of other apps/plugins seeing settings disappear/resetting after some time or on app/plugin updates. If you do experience this issue, it may be prudent to uninstall/re-install the plugin.


  4. 4 minutes ago, Stormwolfe said:

    1st Question: Does the message (lower and max limits) display only when a writer is violating its requirements?

    The message is displayed regardless of violation or not - if you are not seeing it, via PM send me a link to your test site along with credentials to test it out (also, send me screenshots of what you have as your settings on each tab)

    5 minutes ago, Stormwolfe said:

    2nd Question: Will the plugin ever be upgraded so it displays a post's word count after it is saved / submitted?

    As it's intended to display in the editor, wasn't planning on doing the above. But it shouldn't be difficult to add it in anyway - I do have an upgrade of the plugin that adds a number of additional checks but as the plugin didn't prove popular I put it on hold. I'll look at resurrecting it in the next few weeks.

  5. 6 hours ago, Abby Weng said:

    I should've clarified my question: is there anyway to change the size of the audio player (and where can I do that?)
    Thank you so much for helping!

    I haven't put the resize functionality in for the audio player, as I didn't see a reason for it.....you're not looking at the audio, unlike the video.

    Is this something you would need then? Could you explain why, just for my own curiousity.

  6. 4 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

    1) I am still doing my own investigation on this.

    And it appears to be an issue with Chrome's response to the headers sent by IPS in applications\core\interface\file\attachments.php (this is a Chrome bug, more than IPS - I could reproduce this without IPS involved entirely if I changed my server's configuration to not respond to partial-content requests)

    Go to the following page in Chrome - 3 representations of the same file, on a page that is independent of IPS and the plugin.

    Test all 3, and I reckon number 3 is the one that won't work for you either.


    If I can figure out a way to patch this without a direct file edit, and using a hook instead, then I will include it in the plugin - but this is not an issue with the plugin at all (for other's reference)

  7. I can help with any questions regarding thumbnails, so that people understand that it isn't the plugin that is generating them.... @opentype is just providing you with the ability to use them.

    Every Youtube video will have at least 7 thumbnails automatically generated by Youtube - these thumbnails for the following video are listed below:

    Player Background Thumbnail (480x360 pixels)

    Start Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

    Middle Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

    End Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

    High Quality Thumbnail (480x360 pixels)

    Medium Quality Thumbnail (320x180 pixels)

    Normal Quality Thumbnail (120x90 pixels)

    There are also 2 other thumbnails that may or may not be generated, depending on the choice of the video uploader, but the above are the 7 that are always created. There are no others that @opentype can give you access to via this plugin.

  8. 5 hours ago, Abby Weng said:

    Yes, I'm using chrome Version 63.0.3239.132

    Thank you!

    OK - it's achievable for Chrome as version 58 onwards has support for an attribute called 'controlsList' which allows you to disable some items such as full screen and dowload, so I'll add that in as soon as I can (Support for that attribute appears to be limited to Chrome v58 and above, and Opera v45 and above)

  9. Thanks - I'll take a closer look tomorrow when I have time, but it's in the realm of browser support by the looks of it. As mentioned several times - the plugin is designed to present the player to the user, and based on what you've stated then it is doing what it is designed to do. From there, you are in to the area of whether the browser supports the playback of that file type and codec.

    Anyway, I'll provide a report tomorrow on my testing and findings - I do have another theory, so feel free to ping me a link to your site where you have these files uploaded (along with credentials if needed) as I'd like to see how it looks/behaves on your site & server.

  10. Update on v1.1: @liquidfractal is currently running a beta of this version, and has reported back good things so far. I've got a couple of items I want to tidy up with it before release, but to whet the appetite.....

    What will be new in v1.1 (when it is released)...

    • Plugin will now convert remote links/local attachments in the following areas:
      • Forums (including Clubs)
      • Pages (records & comments)
      • Calendar
      • Blogs
      • Announcements
      • Private messages
    • Ability to control whether to display the player to guests or not.
      • currently, it is not shown to guests at all.
  11. 7 hours ago, Abby Weng said:

    Currently, I can't make adjust the audio scrollbar to move to different parts of the audio. Is this something you can fix in the next update? Please

    It's probably not something I can fix as the player behaviour is dictated by the browser, but I'll take a look anyway - what OS and browser (version please) was that being used? (I suspect it is Chrome)

  12. 43 minutes ago, superj707 said:

    and downloads app?

    Not mentioned, so no...and you already know the situation. Provide a response to the PM we have going and I will give you a final yes or no on whether it can be done.

    And even if it is a yes - it will not be a solution your existing issue, which is caused by the transcoding used by the files. This plugin is not the magic bullet you seek for that problem.

  13. v2.1.0 has been released - what's new?

    • modified the 'Apply to forum(s)' setting functionality
      • original behaviour: admin chose which forums would be affected by the plugin ('All forums' or select forums from list - therefore inclusive)
      • new behaviour: An include or exclude option is now available. 'Include' is the default, and behaves as above. 'Exclude', when choosing, will allow an admin to select which forums won't be affected by the plugin.
      • this feature will be useful to those who have a large number of forums and want to apply the plugin to a large percentage of those forums.
        • Example: 100 forums total, but apply plugin to 97 of those. So instead of selecting the 97 forums to include, it's easier/quicker to just select the 3 forums to exclude.
    • added ability to hide content from member groups, instead of just guests.
      • Please review your replacement content to ensure that it is relevant to this new functionality. For example - the default value for this used to indicate "You must be signed in.....", which will no longer be correct if you use the member group functionality.
    • fixed issue with non-image attachments not being affected by the 'Hide attachments' functionality.
    • name change to '(NE) Hide post content'

    Planned for next 'non-bug fix' version:

    • Modifying the settings page to provide translatable functionality for the replacement content shown to users
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