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  1. Topic Moderators

    And why? I can't see any reason for that. Is there something I can do to change this?
  2. Topic Moderators

    Is it a bug, that this application only checks the primary group, not the secondary ones?
  3. Topic Moderators

    Is there something I can do, so that the topic moderator can delete the topic?
  4. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    I would like to test it.
  5. IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    So, I've integrated the background-chooser from Glare into the Unlimited Skin. Now my question: How can I extend the colour picker, so that it changes the colour of other objects? Example: I've choosen the green with the picker and what I try to achieve is, that it changes the blue gradient (at the bottom right of the picture) too. The site: http://dasnetz.me
  6. Glare by IPS Themes

    Great skin and I would love to buy it, but I don't know ... if this is the time that it takes for an update with every major update of IPB? Not to mention, that the next major update of IPB will include a switch from Prototype to jQuery...
  7. Think it's dead ... *sadface*
  8. Is there a way to use this with the calendar too? So that the users can mention other users at the calendar-comments?
  9. Drag and drop forum and categories

    Old topic, but is there something for 3.3? I can only find this for 3.1 and this feature is really cool.
  10. Download: (T30) Close Only Poll 1.0.0

    Soon sounds great. I would pay for it if I have to, this is such an important feature.
  11. Download: (T30) Close Only Poll 1.0.0

    Does this mod work with 3.2.3?
  12. Hi there If I add a event that is, for example, starting tomorrow at 9am and ending at 11am at the same day, the generated iCal-File says: DTSTART;TZID=Europe/London:20120316T090000Z DTEND;TZID=Europe/London:20120317T110000Z So it's too long, one day, all the time ... Board 3.2.3, Calendar 3.2.2 Edit: I have solved the problem by adding the "event_all_day"-switch at the else if - section after line 351 @ icalendar.php
  13. If I install this hook, the default for all members is the notification via notification list. How can I turn on the notification via email, by default, too?
  14. Wird das Sprachpaket eigentlich noch weiter gepflegt?