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  1. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    I have done just that, sir.
  2. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    I appreciate your patience with me, & I am trying to buy the full version but I keep getting an error message. I guess I will have to disable signatures of everyone that I give the awards to, until the next version is released. On centering my awards & User's Award logo, I would appreciate some help from anyone that can. I'm a rookie, but with the right guidance I can do anything.
  3. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    Mind reader? I told you everything that was wrong, & even posted a picture of it so you can visually see the problems. You are the only person to have ever said something about an account being locked, I haven't even heard of that. You didn't specify what your issue was, & there's nothing wrong with any member account on my site. What do you mean by your account is locked?
  4. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    Are there instructions somewhere on what exactly to do? I used to use Pin Awards, & I never had to do any edits to the template to have it display in the center. I like the 'counter' feature, so I wanted to make the change. Also, am I supposed to disable people from having signatures to use this awards system? It looks like a conflict of interest.
  5. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    If someone has a signature [image or text], it displays the awards box above the bar & directly beneath the text of a person's post.
  6. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    Here is a link: http://www.3kgaming.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3620-doa-envys-intro/page__pid__27264#entry27264 I gave the same award to all the persons that posted. In the second post, you'll see that because of the current signature, it doesn't display properly. Also, in none of them the alignment is centered.
  7. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    The settings are set to be aligned: Center, & the Awards to display: Counter. It is doing neither, & it's positioning is off as well.
  8. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    I am going to print screen it for you. The counter feature (when awarded the same award multiple times) isn't working either. Also where the Awards is displayed, it all out-of-portion.
  9. Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)

    I have had many problems with the free version, which prevents me from purchasing the paid version. The Awards actually display above people's signatures (right beneath the text). Regardless of setting the signature awards to center & with the counter, it only displays to the left & shows multiple awards (of the same award instead of the counter). I switched between Themes, & it displayed the same on my default IP Board theme, & my custom them.