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Entry Comments posted by CodingJungle

  1. First off, great interview. 

    Secondly, who's next? please be @Lindy 😛 

    Thirdly, since linux was mentioned in this thread, and having been a long time user and advocate of opensource software and using linux as my daily driver for the last 15 to 16 years. I must say, i'm glad to see the passion still out there for linux and the hopes of the "year of the linux desktop", it takes me back :). However, I don't believe linux is quite for everyone, or even sure it ever will be. I'm a very experienced user with it and there are things that i still run into that make me bash my head into  my desk.

    Linux and its distro's (just being plural) shows how fragmented the linux ecosystem truly is. so much resources/code and developers are spread out over so many different things. Like example, the desktop managers, there are possibly hundreds of them (i'm including window managers as well). sure these things give users choice, but also at the same time, it keeps linux on the fringe. Not to mention some of the absolute state of some of the subsystems, like audio and display. 

    The audio sub-system has been a mess for years, pulse was a bandage, but that bandage has been peeling off for years. I can't count how many times a week i have to switch back to my speakers from waking up or restarting, cause pulse thinks my micronphone is a speaker...I guess there are some new bandaids out there on the horizon, like pipewire that fedora is using, but i don't think it addresses the underlying problem, that audio is crap under linux and i don't really see it getting better.

    Same with xorg and wayland, they are both in absolute embarrassing state. xorg cause it is bogged down by 1980's backwards compatibility and tacked on "modern" features, as well as its security issues. then you have wayland, which just completely lacks direction, the developers of it are hostile, and considering how much money and other resources that have been dumped into it, its debut date was suppose to be back in ubuntu 11.04, we are now on ubuntu 21.04 and it only supports a small fraction of gpu's out there and even less compatible with popular applications. sure we can get into a petty fight like apple does about how nvidia is the worst, but nvidia is like that, cause they are popular and on top and have been for a very long time, so they've sorta earned the right, where a project like wayland has no real credibility to be telling the largest gpu manufacturer in the world what they should be doing. 

    Sure you can make a lot of things work with it, but as i've grown older, i've also become frustrated with linux. One reason why i am hoping wsl becomes a shiny beacon in the night in windows for development (cause development in windows just sucks, sucks so much that it has made me endure the inadequacies of linux all these years). 

    I also just purchased a mac mini, god help me that i don't become one of "those" computer users 🙂. the appeal of the new architecture, with most of the benefits that linux offers, without most of the headache, is very appealing to me at this point in my life. 

    on a finally note to steer the conversation back, I would like to add my two cents about anonymity and toxicity. I have over the years, as many of  you can attest, have been toxic myself. I will say things i would never say in real life to others, as well as try to purposely raise the temperature just to get a reaction out of people. A lot of that is cause i've always viewed the internet as sort of the "wild wild west", that it offered a level of "freedom" that polite society doesn't offer. It is also easy to forget that the avatar/username you are replying to, has a person at the other end, they lack humanity unless they are in your circle. as for a solution to that, i don't know if there is one. 

    any way, good interview, will look forward to future ones. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Colonel_mortis said:

    I am broadly in favour of moving away from monolithic releases, but I would much prefer that you up the cadence of minor releases than push features and especially breaking changes into patch/point releases.

    yeah i agree, even daniel recommends we adopt a proper semantic versioning system 😛 



  3. Quote

    The last blog entry was about an app called 'IP.SEO' that I had utterly forgotten existed. It was written by Dan who once locked Lindy out of his own datacenter, but we don't talk about that.

    this right here needs its own blog entry.  i've been using IPS since like the 2.0 days, a friend recommended it, he finally got me into IPS third party development i think in 2011/12.

    most of the times its been good with IPS, then there have been the "other times". all in all, i think IPS 4 has been a huge improvement over IPB 3.x. i've have trotted out some of 3.x code i worked on (was cleaning up my bitbucket account) and i was a bit shocked at how archaic the code looked compared to my code in 4.x

  4. Mine was a commodore 64 that i got in '86 for my bday (i'm still angry DAD, i had asked for a NES! got that for xmas tho lol) but i'm glad he did, i learned a lot about computers from it (oddly enough not a whole lot about programming lol). I had scratched my initials into the back of it, with an infinity symbol (cause i was obsessed with the concept of infinity when i was a kid). sold it at a garage sale in 92 when my dad had gotten me a second hand macintosh. then years later, around 2012 i was at a salvation army thrift store with my sister, looking around. saw a shelf filled with old computer parts, and found a few commodore 64's and when i flipped the one over i found my initials and the infinity symbol. it made me smile that it was still out there. I didn't buy it, it needed another master :).

  5. On 3/21/2017 at 2:55 PM, opentype said:

    Not sure if its my graphic designer’s eye or if my OCD is too severe, but the fact that many letters aren’t centered properly is painful to me. 


    19 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    It seems centered to me but the problem is the font letters and im pretty sure it will be worse when a different font used  


    15 hours ago, opentype said:

    Yes, the shifted appearance is CAUSED by the font itself, but the way to work around this is through settings – but there are none yet. 


    8 hours ago, bfarber said:

    Correct (although as a third party developer, I will tell you that at the code level the number of characters to use is a parameter passed to a method that can easily be adjusted by a plugin).

    We will sweep through and address this. As was mentioned in your quote, some characters in some fonts need manual adjustment unfortunately, and we have several defined already but may have overlooked a few.

    centering was a pain, it still is. I put offset settings in to help alleviate it on n2a,but it still not "perfect". there were several libraries i tried too for GD, where it would work great for one font, the next font it wouldn't. GD version would also hamper this, I would get them perfectly centered on my localhost, and then throw it up on my live site with the same settings and bam, they wouldn't be centered...its enough to drive a grown man to cry :no:

    @bfarber you are probably already aware of this, if not, GD can be compiled without freetype support (so placing text over images wont be possible), so you might need to put a check in there. afaik, imagick always has it. 

  6. Application classes
    Classname structure: \IPS\app\Namespace\Class (note that the application key is lowercase, but the parts after are PascalCase)
    Location on disk: applications/app/system/Namespace/Class.php

    in the autoloading section, unless you changed it or you can use one or the other, should it be 


  7. I can suppose this functionality in 2007 on 2.3.6. It is quite out of date now. What about auto translation on the basis of words dictionaries of the major languages in 2014?


    are you talking about like google auto translate? like if you go to a site that is not in your native language and it attempts to translate the entire page? often leaving you dazed and confused...

  8. Residing in the United States is the biggest disappointment to this position and unfortunately would be the reason why I would never be able to apply.


    I worked as a hotel front manager and head of the IT department. the owner of the hotel i worked at, also owned several properties around the world. He had me once pull up the tax records for the previous seven years, and i got a good look at them as they were printing out and i was binding them (some how IT meant secretary too...). His US holdings, with the US employ tax records were fairly simple, but when i got to his hong kong property, my eyes went crosseyed. there were also tax forms relating to workers that live in the US, but worked at the hong kong property, the paper work for 1 engineer was a half inch thick, and that was for 3 weeks abroad. so i could understand with IPS being a US based company, not wanting to deal with the hassle of non-US tax forms (i could be wrong as to the why), as there are other reasons they could want a US citizen to fill the position. 

  9. ah ratts...I was hoping to see codeignitor in 4.0 :(.


    I've been messing about in codeignitor for the last several weeks, its a lovely framework, it has cut development time for most of my other projects that do not use IPS, by more than half. I've been finding myself dreading to go back to the current IPS framework cause it feels so outdated in comparison. 


    well heres to hoping the next framework for IPS 4.0 is as clean and nice as CI is. I'm stoked about jQuery being the default in 4.0, prototype is nice and all but its documentation is lacking to say the least :).

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