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  1. Hello, dose the Key Word Tool Tips work in the same manner as Acronym Expansion, in the sense that if a word or acronym is input into the Acronym Expansion data base, then if the word or acronym is used in any manner, then it will appear as a hover link?

    This is a wonderful app if that is the case, thanks!

    1. CodingJungle


      Yes it works like that, but only in the apps you enable it in, like you can have it run in forums, but don't want it to run in Pages, you just disable it there. or if you just want it to run on certain databases. it has several configuration options for how to the hyperlinks are to be displayed or handled. 

    2. JohnCourt


      This is awesome, thanks for the information, is the text editor available when creating the Tool Tip?

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