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  1. 4.0.0 Speed test

    My score: Mobile: 44/100 Desktop: 54/100 I assume everyone using standard IPB (except themes) would get the same "recommendation" from google to optimize the site.
  2. Downloads List

    In IP Downloads, I want to display a soundcloud-hosted song for each file in the list, but it only shows up as a link until I click on the actual file. I want the soundcloud stream to be visible for all files shown in list view. How can I achieve this? Here is an example of how the stream should show up in the list:
  3. Downloads and FTP

    Hmm. Thing is, some of the downloads would be 'paid' items . I want to protect the files by only allowing access from the download button. So it seems the only way to do that is store on the dedicated server...right?
  4. Downloads and FTP

    In v3, I had an issue with using FTP for the 'Downloads' application...my FTP credentials were shown in the url. How has this been addressed in v4? My scenario is running the site on a dedicated server, but storing the download content on a shared server via FTP.
  5. Modify 3.4 Now or After 4.0 Is Released?

    I notice Ehren from IPBFocus is offering upgrades to many of his themes. He seems to working very hard. I also own a 3.x license, and decided not to launch my site until 4.0. Its a tough decision, but I'll suffer a while for future sanity. I don't like tinkering on the server side much.
  6. Thanks. I could not find this instruction on the site currently.
  7. IPB becoming a SimpleScript

    I've tried this upgrader, but I keep getting permission errors even after changing permissions. I also checked the permission in ACP, all looks fine. BTW, there are commercial products in SimpleScript, Fantastico, AMPPS, and other similar script managers.
  8. CPanel and Plesk can be configured with a SimpleScript (http://www.simplescripts.com/) option that seamlessly installs and updates with minimal effort. I've used this for wordperss, Joomla, and other forum software. What are the prospects of IPB getting on that list?
  9. [HQ] Custom Pages

    Is this primarily for people who don't own IP.Content?
  10. Tutorials

    I figured it out: Had to change the short url to long. Otherwise fullscreen will not work.
  11. Tutorials

    Perhaps its my browser at the moment, but could you give it a try here> : http://www.producerbay.com/tutorials/article/64-expand-your-modulation-possibilities/
  12. Tutorials

    Also, is there a way to get youtube videos to play fullscreen? I noticed the fullscreen button dosen't work as intended in Tutorials.
  13. Tutorials

    Thank you. That is what I overlooked.
  14. Tutorials

    The only permission I saw for correction was the option to "copy existing tutorials to a new category" I set this back to. After setting to "Yes" Alll I get is a button to copy. There is no move option or checkbox available. I'm logged in as administrator
  15. Tutorials

    While I have this option in the Forum, I do not see any check boxes in the Tutorials application