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  1. Teams

    Mikey, thanks for the recent updates to the app! I'm starting to use your app for my gaming website and would like the ability for the mods and myself to add people to the teams that we setup, especially since we are trying to implement this on a site with a large existing user-base and do not want to wait for them to all add themselves. Does this currently exist in the apps current state and if not, could this feature be part of a future update?
  2. Tournaments

    Care to share your feature roadmap? I've always thought this was a good app for the IPB system and am definitely interested in its future.
  3. Upgrading IPB Installation...

  4. Tournaments

    Thanks, I appreciate the response. This definitely cleared up my hesitance towards this app. My community and I are looking forward to implamenting your mod!
  5. Tournaments

    While I definitely want the mod and said I would get it upon initial release, it is really hard to put $50 down on a product site-unseen. If you can get your screenshots up, I'll say that there is a 99% chance of you being able to add one purchase and a definite renewal to your stats (from me). Back to the topic, is it possible to have a 1v1 ladder on this app or is it just team based (min. of 4 players per team)? I definitely appreciate the work, keep it up!
  6. This addition to the profile fields feature would certainly be great for large forums who host lots of individual sub-communities. I'm definitely for it!
  7. Download: (inv) Awards

    Does anyone know where I can get this file? It is a shame since it seems to offer much greater functionality than the (PIN) Awards system. If anyone has a copy and wouldn't mind sharing, send me a PM. I figure it shouldn't be an issue since it wasn't a paid app. Any help is greatly appreciated!