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  1. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    Hi Tom, We would like to know how to change the size and color of the header from the grey to a lighter color to accent our graphics. thank you Tom! Love the skin
  2. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    Thanks for the quick reply Tom. The site is at www.justgodetecting.com The step i misssed during install was step 1- install settings group. so i did this install. And the code for my header is still on the default header HTML page but it doesnt show up? Any thoughts?
  3. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    ok so I found that I missed the step on the install and repeated this step. Got everything I was missing. Here is my new problem. we had some code done for the header to add links and sponsor ads. the code is still there on the default header code page but none of the items listed now show up on the header HELP!
  4. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    I am having an issue with the Delux skin. The Admin/Moderator tabs wont stay on to log in for my designers. Please help.
  5. Deluxe by IPS Themes

    We purchased this for our board and it seems to work good. We are having this issue however The links for the admin and moderator logins are not visble any thoughts.