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  1. Conversion phpbb3 to IP.Board - NGINX REDIRECTS ?

    thank you, that's just what i wanted to hear :)
  2. Hi there, I have already purchased an IP.board license, and am about to purchase a 2nd one. I need to be sure the migration from PHPBB 3 will be smooth though. I have a large community. I have already read the details of the converter and I'm happy to see it supports everything I would hope minus the moderator conversion.. but I can live with that. My biggest concern is that the redirects will be handled from the old URLs to the new URLs. Now I'm not using any kind of special SEO plugin on my phpbb 3 installation. But, I am hosting on nginx. I noticed that the converter has the little icon that claims the links will be redirected.. but it doesn't mention whether this is for Apache2 only or also for Nginx. Obviously, with the right script it's possible to do the redirects. I don't want to be stuck with finding a user-made script is all.. your converter should come packaged with redirect rules for both apache2 and nginx by now. And I am writing this message to confirm that a nginx redirect ruleset is included with the purchase of Ip.board. Thanks
  3. about to pull the trigger, have a few questions first

    Thanks again Brandon. At this point I think I would go ahead and buy it and have confidence that I can develop a custom solution that will work. I would have loved to hear from your Sales department about your existing solution first though as I may be wasting 50$ on IP.Content if I get that email reply late. It's been 24 hours already and still no email reply. Is there any chance you could yourself ask them to get back to me and tell me about this existing solution you have available? Kind regards
  4. about to pull the trigger, have a few questions first

    Please approve my previous post.. I really want one last reply from Brandon to help me decide! I am ----> <----- close to purchasing!! I would REALLY love to get a reply to my sales email that I sent this morning also. Thank you for your patience and your time!
  5. about to pull the trigger, have a few questions first

    Thank you Brandon, that is much clearer. I realize that if my site's content consisted primarily of text articles that I could easily use your IP.Content instead. However what if my site consisted primarily of pages that looked a lot more like: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=9904 (click on comments in the bottom tabs). This is the case, my content is complex and does not at all consist of text-only articles or blog-like content. I want to slap on comments to complex content that is similar to the above link. I also don't want to move my complex content to Ip.Content templates, what I want to do is include the comment block code from IP.Content to my own existing templates. And I want everything to be self-hosted and self-managed (as in managed by me and not dependent on exterior hosting). I've yet to receive a reply to my sales email. The solution you speak of seems interesting but if I need to pay a lot more and have it managed by you guys then I'm not interested. Could you not help me develop this solution otherwise? Like.. If you have exactly what I want which basically sounds like a stripped-down version of your IP.Content that allows me to slap on IP.Content's comments/forum functionality, could I not get that for the same price as I would pay for the full IP.Content solution? And if you can't do that.. and I decide to get IP.Content with the purpose of developing the same solution that nexusmods has developped, and that you have developped in-house, will I be able to ask for help and support in developing this? I can't imagine that this would be very complicated... a simple example would suffice. I would think all I'd have to do is make the same API call that your IP.Content is doing in order to tie the comments/forum posts together and slap that call onto whatever existing solution I have where I want the comments to appear. Obviously I would much prefer to just be able to buy your in-house solution.. something that you could call IP.Comments? Which would be the same price as IP.Content since it does what IP.Content does as far as comments goes... but doesn't force me to use the rest of the articles system. See I am already using a full MVC approach and I don't want to move my system to yours, I want to move your comments to mine.. should be simple no? Thanks again...
  6. about to pull the trigger, have a few questions first

    With all due respect, you're the one I would like to get this information from. You're obviously much more technically savvy than likely anyone else involved with this company. You've also provided the best replies to all other questions related to this so far. And I've already sent a few emails to your support department and honestly their replies make them seem confused. Isn't this thread right here detailing exactly what I mean to do ? On skyrim.nexusmods.com, they have linked up their comments with their forum posts. And you can enter a new comment from the comments page as well as from the forums and they both share the same pool of comments. This is what I want to do. I want to know if I need IP.Content to do achieve this? I want to know just how custom their solution is or if this is something fairly easy to develop (assuming high technical skills on the part of the developer). I've emailed about this and received a vague, incomplete and unhelpful reply. My question is meant for a technically knowledgable person, not a sales person. If I'm going to spend a few hundred bucks on this I need to know that I will not be faced with having to send emails to sales people to get technical answers. It seems a lot of people are using "forum comments" for their comments solution, but this appears to be badly documented. I just want to know more about this because my decision to go with IP for my chat/forum/comments depends entirely on this solution. I don't mind spending the extra 50 for IP.Content as long as I know it will be simple to develop something almost identical to what skyrim.nexusmods.com is doing as far as using the forums for comments and being able to add comments from both sides. Can you help me make my decision please?
  7. Hi there! Been reading up on IP's solution for a bit now and also been appreciating its functionalities on one of my favorite sites: skyrim.nexusmods.com Been browsing the forums trying to find answers to my questions and been struggling finding the clarifications I need. Here's what I need to know: I keep hearing about this "comments system" but can't find the main documentation for it. Basically, I would like to implement a very similar solution to the above mentionned gaming site where the comments throughout the website (whether it be mod submission comments or blog comments) are all managed by IP. However, I do not plan to use the IP content system. I am building a complex and custom MVC solution and I basically am interested in 4 things and 4 things only from IP and those are: Powering my comments Powering the forums Powering the chat Single-sign on using my own user tables My main question is, can I do all of the above if I get IP.Board and IP.Chat products alone? IE are the mirrored comments/forum posts functionality provided in IP.Content only? Is there a tutorial on how to set this up? My user base will be able to make "submissions" on my site and I want each submission to share its comments with a forum post. The users should be able to comment both from the forum post or the submission's comments and the comments will go in the same "pool". Is this solution well documented and/or simple to implement? How easy is it to implement this inside of a custom website? Second question is... how easy would it be for me to import existing comments, they would be linked to existing (also imported) submissions. The thing about these comments though is that they wouldn't be tied to users since my previous website (the one I am doing a huge upgrade on) had comments, but no user registration system. The new site will have user registration from the start, but I am importing the existing content (submissions and associated comments). If that is waaay too difficult then I may just scrap the comments but it would be a real shame to scrap over 5000 comments. I am comfortable with running and developing a custom script to do the initial import, as long as I can get a little help with where I need to import the data to and how. Thank you for your time Thanks for the prompt reply.. I'm short on time and need to start implementing this asap!