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  1. Crown & IPBForo

    I purchased this skin for my community but I'm not satisfied with authors support.
  2. For the purposes of one of my community I will need file sharing script. I'm thinking to take IP.Dovnloads but I'm interested in next things: Is it possible to set a time limit between 2 downloads (it does not matter whether it is the same file or 2 different) based on ip address for guests or membergroups for members?
  3. Deviant

    This is standard text that I used and I did not do any additional changes. Is the problem that I converted my community from SMF to IP Board platform?
  4. Deviant

    I downloaded the latest version of your theme. Board version is 3.3.3
  5. Download: (Flower) IP Content Portal

    Does this works on 3.3?
  6. Deviant

  7. Deviant

    I need to change text and link color in code tag. This is what I mean Some text Link
  8. Deviant

    How to change text and link color in code tag?
  9. Another license

    Thanks :)
  10. Another license

    Hello everyone. I have an active license for the board and soon I plan to take another one. I saw this page Will I get a 10% discount on second license or this apply only if you immediately take both? Thanks :)
  11. Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites?

    http://forum.b92.net/ One of the largest communities in Serbia.