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  1. Animated Site Intro Block

    HI guys, i have the intro running but dont find a way to change the Texts and the redirection page when the intro finish, the instructions say: open the block which called Site intro-ips-skins.com find<!--:::config ::::-->under this all text placeholders and urls but what is "all text placeholders and urls",???? im not a code expert and dont know how to put "placeholders" for my text? and also for the ends url? thanks in advance
  2. Hi, Im trying to find a way that the Moderators of my site can Delete topics or replys but not hard delete in order that i (Admin) can restore it, there is any way? I think that IPB need to add this option to the next update because in my opinion if a security hole because i can have "trusted" moderators but one day on of the moderators can change and start deleting topics like crazy and me (The Administrator) cannot restore it.
  3. Download: Aqua-Soft Mobile 2

    Im interested in the skin but THE DEMO NOT WORKS!!! if i put the demo address in my iphone nothings happens, just the normal skin, PLEASE FIX THE DEMO because im very interested to buy it.
  4. Download: [HQ] Google CSE -lite-

    any idea of where i can change the search name? I want to change the "Google Site Search for just only "Google" i don't know if this is my issue but im trying to figure out why if i put the Google Site Search as default do not looks good, please check de differences in the screenshots: As Default: As NOT Default: Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Download: Topics Wall

    any idea how to not repeat the topics in the wall? if a topic have more than 1 image the system put one topic for every image, for example a topic with 10 images the system repeat the same topic 10 times in the Topic Wall.
  6. [HQ] Users Wall Of Fame

    hi, is any way to "exclude users" in the hook? i bought this mod seconds ago but i need to disable it because i appear in All as #1, i need to exclude me and my Moderators.
  7. [HQ] MotM - Member of the month

    ohhh, thanks, now not interested. I hate pay and not have support
  8. [HQ] MotM - Member of the month

    i can't buy it, im trying to buy it and when i click "Confirm my Order" the webpage send me to Paypal and Paypal say: This invoice has already been paid. For more information, please contact the merchant. At this time, we are unable to process your request. Please return to Invision Power Services and try another option.
  9. i Want that the moderators of my community can't make a hard delete, in other words the ability to remove the permission to access the "Removed Content" tab in the Moderator CP. thanks in advance :-)
  10. Tag auto-completion for 3.2

    i need this :sad:
  11. Contact Form

    not work in 3.3 when trying to use it: : NO_START_PERM :-(
  12. [HQ] Badges

    do you have an idea of when is the new release? i like to buy the mod but i need the "different members groups" most important for me is Admin, Moderator and Staff :-)
  13. Hi, this mod looks like exactly what im looking for weeks BUT i want to know if exist any way to modified to what i need. 1- I need the counting for 15 days NOT 24hrs, is possible? 2- I need the user can enter to the forum but NOT create a new topic or reply, is possible? if i can do this 2 modifications i buy this mod rush!!! I want to use it in my community to control the people that only come to our community to post their items in the Classifieds Forum and NOT share any experience or join to a conversation creating new content or making some reply's :-)
  14. Classifieds

    AndyMillne: you not consider a new version without Nexus for a future release? i not need Nexus for anything in my website and $30 for the Classifieds + $75 for Nexus= $105 for a simple Classifieds app is not a deal. Maybe for people that already have Nexus for other purposes is ok but for people like me that not sale anything in our community is bad. Im not a programer but i think that add a simple paypal option for the payment to the program is not big deal, i used for years in a Joomla free app, well, is my recomendation, maybe there are more people in my situation :-)
  15. Classifieds

    pre-sale question hi, I'm interested in buy this app, but only one question, I need to buy Nexus also in order to put a fee to the classifieds in my community? im not use Nexus and i hope that i no need to buy it. thanks in advance