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  1. Chat Limit for Self-Hosted

    Why is there a chat limit for self-hosted accounts? I find this difficult assess if we cannot control who wants to be online at the same time. I understand bandwidth limits for hosted accounts, but I run my own server.
  2. What to do if: I have paid download, and want users to preview audiofile before purchase. Is there a player I can embed into item description?
  3. Questions Before Buy

    Thanks for the reply. Ive been searching for Amazon S3 integration (which no one seems to do yet). I wouldn't mind creating a public link to a product if IPB script can hide the url and just provide the product.
  4. Questions Before Buy

    First, I so glad I found this site at the last minute. I was planning to buy some vBulletin licences, but was frustrated with their modding feature and price for mobile capability. This is one of the articles that helped push me towards IPB: http://www.forum-software.org/forum-comparator/ipboard-vs-vbulletin4 So I need to clarify some important considerations: 1) Flicker/Youtube Integration? I would like users to easily display hosted content like youtube videos or pictures from flickr. 2) IP.NEXUS Amazon S3 integration? I would like to sell digital content store on my S3 account. 3) A: IP.Downloads, I would like to dedicate a page for free downloadable content for my users. Easy to execute? B: How "automated" is this process? This is a KEY feature I need a few licenses for: Ability for users to sell their own content (in zip file) through the site with some way of centralizing all users. Hoping users would be able to create a preview (perhaps embed a youtube/Soundcloud link). C: Will files have to be stored on local server or can they upload to S3? Sorry for all the questions, I've be diligently searching to find 1 consistent platform for multiple sites.