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  1. Manual Approval?

  2. Manual Approval?

    Hello Everyone, Usually how long does the "manual approval by our staff" take after a sale? I was really hoping to play with this asap. Thanks, Matthias
  3. Sizing guide and system requirements

    Thanks @bfarber I guess im more used to things like this https://jazz.net/library/article/551/ Though I understand that running IP.* is likely much less taxing
  4. Sizing guide and system requirements

    Also which OS/distribution would be best?
  5. integration with wiki?

    Thanks to both of you
  6. Hello again, One last inquery: What hardware requirements are necessary to support x many users? In terms CPU, Memory, DB size? Baremetal vs VM performance? Also what are the suggestions on single vs dual tier(separate DB server) setups? Thanks -Maze
  7. integration with wiki?

    Hello there, I searched the documentation for options on wiki integration, but came up with nothing Is there an easy way to integrade wikis into IPS? Thanks -Maze
  8. Security of Passwords

    Hello there, I was wondering what kind of measures are implemented so that if a compromise does happen, that the security of the users passwords can be guaranteed ? Thanks, - Maze