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  1. SSH Clients

    @DreamPhysix: I know I'm dragging up a semi-old topic, but I ran across it on Google and I have a solution: If you have PuTTY 0.61 beta and get access denied Load your saved profile in putty, and go to Connection > SSH > Auth > GSSAPI. Uncheck "attempt GSSAPI", and then save your profile. Repeat for all saved profiles. Also do that under "default settings" (and save) so future connections don't have the same problem.
  2. Millages.net pdf virus.

    Malwarebytes Anti-malware for one.Two, if its on that website (and a few others), it's probably something that has been injected into the site code. If it's come up on multiple sites for no reason, it's likely a computer virus. It wouldn't be a bad idea to block that millages site from your router, then it can't infect you anymore, but the problem will still be there.
  3. Whistling 21.5" iMac

    Anyone over a certain age (20-25) or who has had hearing damage can't hear very high pitched noises. Make sure someone YOUNG tests it.
  4. Windows 8 "Copenhagen"

    You know, I figure people said that about "Longhorn" when XP was out. "There is no need to rush into Windows Longhorn at all". And then they didn't. And then we saw a massive stopgap, followed by a release, and a huge need for hardware improvements (eg, C2D from P4). Maybe we should let the folks incharge do what they do. If people don't feel the need to upgrade, the consumer adoption will drive the adoption/creation rates to be longer. But you can't say starting on Windows 8 is pointless. They ALWAYS start planning/working on the next before the one just finished (currently 7) is generally available. That is what the roadmaps are for. Heck, you better believe Apples doesn't sit around and then say "hey guys, lets work on 10.7 now that its been 12 months". And how about other groups that do the same? Fedora? As soon as 12 is released, a roadmap for 13 is already been available and in progress. Firefox? Same thing.
  5. only 5 users in the free version?

    How some of you people utilize forums on a daily basis and lack the ability to read and comprehend amazes me. Kudos on the new service IPS guys. The plan sounds right to me so far, espically since you aren't seeing usage above 5 on average. Reminds me of the old foodfight chats though ;)
  6. Is there hope? (ddos)

    I read that... and then read your custom title. It makes sense now.
  7. Help with a missing hard drive

    Make sure to check the SMART. Speedfan works nice for that. Otherwise, if it has stopped working... let it sit a week or so, plug it in and try again. Over the past year I've had 3 drives that I've retired for that. 200GB 3.5in - overheating (trashed bearing) 60GB 2.5in - ??? 40gb 2.5in - ??? But all three if I leave them off and unplugged for a 3 days to a week, will work for a month or two. Of course I don't use them, but it gave me a chance to get the data back.
  8. Formatting Vista on Acer

    Definatley won't install Windows. I would get in contact with Acer and try to get reocvery working... however the best bet might be to find someone with a Vista install DVD, and enter your CD Key listed on your computer sticker. It should install your edition of Vista (home basic, premium, etc). While in there (esp. after making sure your key does go through), format your Windows partition. It's what we call a "clean install".
  9. Remote Desktop to Fedora server

    I did get SSH X11 Tunneling working. I forgot that you needed a additional application such as XMing on the client side to display x graphics through SSH. I did give freenx a try. It seems to have a borked installer at the moment (gave a error). ./nxsetup: line 140: .: filename argument required .: usage: . filename [arguments] Setting up ...mkdir: missing operand Try `mkdir --help' for more information.
  10. Remote Desktop to Fedora server

    Heh... Luke I was like "wait... did he even... oh, there is another post". Pfft! Silly cPanel and shared hosting! I run my own from home and set them up as my job for my University. Command line is great but as you said there are one or two apps that aren't command line supported OR aren't very easy to use via command line (which is where ssh tunnenling X11 graphics comes in very handy... if I can get it working again). I shall keep NX in mind, but I'm going to give TigerVNC a shot if the need does arise.
  11. Remote Desktop to Fedora server

    Do you guys have any suggestions for connecting to a linux based server graphically? I can do a lot of things via SSH (yay RHCT training and certification) but for those one or two things that I need to do via a graphical interface it would be great. I remembered using SSH tunneling in my php class (which also used Fedora) but I can't seem to get that to work, and it doesn't work for every application anyway.
  12. Bios boot in one second

    During the development of Windows 7, Microsoft sent out requests to OEMs and BIOS makers to help make the startup as short as possible. No custom "HP" "Dell" logoed boot screens from BIOS. Leave it black or minimal text output during startup. They were able to drop 3-8 seconds from most systems. Loaded desktop in 10 seconds is incredible though. Phoenix Bios FTW. Edit: There were 2 blogs... one on back end changes, one on the request. I've only found one :-/ http://blogs.msdn.com/e7/archive/2008/08/29/boot-performance.aspx
  13. Snow Leopard and Exchange 2003

    ~ignore~ Dan, please ignore my suggest about the version and look for the exchange server name. It might be different that the one you used to connect to.
  14. Snow Leopard and Exchange 2003

    Try this... Log into your Exchange Webmail 2007 Options (Top right) About (bottom of left menu) Look for ... Mailbox server name: xxxx (this is the server to try logging into via your Mac, it's likely different than the one you had before) Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version: (8 = Exchange 2007, .1 = SP1) If its not 8, it might not be Exchange 2007, or not the FUNCTIONAL level of Exchange 2008.
  15. Snow Leopard and Exchange 2003

    That is correct... your exchange server is now 2007.