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  1. FA5 has been out for so long and had like a dozen releases that, I can't believe it still hasn't been properly integrated. Grumble, dropped the ball, mumble, mutter.... Just kidding. 🥰 The new FA5 extra icons packs are really nice. I wonder if IPS might one day release a SASS/LESS where CSS can be more quickly updated. 

    Not had much time to test but a few days ago I tried out the new FA5 'kits' option with IPS4.4.8 and it certainly has great potential. Anyone else tried it yet?
    You basically remove the existing FA4 import code and install one line of JS script to pull in your newly created kit, then on the FA5 dashboard site you can flick one of the toggle switches, and in theory it upgrades you on the fly to FA5, but better than the old 4-5 shim they originally released as a stop gap because it corrects any outdated icon codes and adds ARIA accessibility on the fly (i.e. all of them In the case of IPS!).




    It also only loads the icons you need, which sounds like a great performance boost. It allowed me to use Duotone icons. I tried the web font option first then the faster recommended SVG option, it worked but some icons seemed a bit off vertical alignment wise, on overlaid icons like the Twitter and YouTube social media buttons in the footer. So I switched back to the web font version for now, however it may be because I'd been editing the pseudo CSS a bit for something else just prior, so it may work as intended.

  2. Yay, finally, that's brilliant news! Lot of possibilities open up with this. Thank you! 🥰

    I see the NASA image RSS feed is going into Pages, so hopefully it will gracefully handle any images in the RSS feed (e.g. first image as featured news article image)

    P.S. Honestly, some people are never satisfied! 😬

    P.S.S Hmm, that's also a nice way to import migrate IPS Blogs into Pages Articles, if needed. 🤔

    P.S.S.S. I wonder if this will be limited to Pages or whether it supports selecting the Gallery app, as well?

  3. Looks like the next release 4.4.8 that Codemirror is being updated with the September update. There's also since been an October update but no acknowledgment or response to my bug report almost 3 weeks ago and no mention that this bug has been addressed. 

    It's really frustrating trying to use it in the AdminCP when editing templates but also because I'm having to depend more and more on my iPad these days, however I've confirmed it's the same on CodeMirror's actual website demo.

    Feels like I'm the iPad user left sometimes! 🤔




  4. I don't know which is worse, the folks who don't grasp that dark mode is a form of accessibility and a necessity for many, or the haters who post the daftest comments.

    I learnt sometime ago with some surprise that a lot of people struggle with white text on black or dark background, it honestly never occurred to me. I was told by some an optician that as people get older, they often need brighter displays, televisions etc whereas I find they make me sneeze. Personally I like both white/black and black/white but certainly at night I find white backgrounds hurt my eyes, and I'm light sensitive anyway. Trying to read the bright white BBC News app at 3am with my iPad brightness at 0 is torture. When I see dark mode available as a choice, I enable it.

  5. 3 hours ago, Mike John said:

    Thanks, that actually helps narrows things down. Because both the alerts and widget follow some of the same settings. I would first recommend you check what you've got set for your "Activity Cut Off Limit", "Age Cut Off Range" and "Exclude Groups" settings.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have time set to 00:00, with a time buffer of 1 hour (used to be 6hrs until this week).

    Activity cutoff limit is 1013 days.

    Age cut off range set to 16 to 130 years. It stopped working once before and started again after setting this.

    Exclude Groups set to Guests and a group for members who have passed away.

    Many thanks.


  6. Yep, something is up with Birthday Greeter @Mike John. I noticed that there are 2 widgets with the same name. One is the default IPS Today's Birthdays block that correctly shows today's birthdays as they appear in the Calendar. The other one that comes with Birthday Greeter says there are no birthdays when in fact there are.

  7. I too was critical and thought Commerce was grossly overpriced just to have subscriptions, but after taking a gamble and purchasing it in a last ditch effort to try to bring in some income, it quickly became clear how much work, time and research has gone into it, especially the payment side.

    I don't like some small things such as how it lists all of my members as Customers before they've even bought anything, but I do particularly like how the settings contain pseudo advice and tips in places on how best to configure depending upon on what you're trying to do. The gift card feature is really nice bonus too, enabling members to buy or contribute towards a subscription because the value can be used within the store.

    I said this some time ago but Commerce seems to be a victim of trying to be all things to all people, with clients paying for the flexibility and development of features they don't need, whereas in 4.4 it could probably have become more modular, with payments, anti-fraud, transactions and support tickets becoming a 'Core' type central module and then we could just purchase or add when the time is right whichever modules we need such as in-stock products, digital products, shipping, subscriptions, hosting. That would be more efficient in some ways.

    I don't know how popular the hosting aspect of a Commerce is, you never seem to hear about anyone using it, but it seems like a bit of a white elephant or it doesn't seem to inspire confidence. I do like the idea of being able to resell to my niche community members but I don't think there would be any demand. On a tech or web hosting community it would make more sense but such sites would probably already be using WHMCS or similar.

  8. Hi,

    I recently noticed that Birthday Greeter seems to have stopped working. I have a 1 min Cron enabled with email, topic and Chatbox birthday greeting options enabled. It's missed some valuable member's birthdays including a co-admin, looking at my email logs shows shows no greeting emails sent. I think it may have happened after one of the small IPS4.4.x updates in recent months but I hadn't noticed. Anyone else had similar?

    Many thanks.

  9. Sorry all, I still don't get it. IPS has notifications coming out of its ears. How many notification choices and options does Invision Community need? What am I missing, why are more notifications a positive thing in a world where every app and program wants to notify you 24/7 about something? 

    Have to say I'm increasing switching to digests for things, you can quickly scan for the highlights that interest for everyday content.

    That said, it surprised me yesterday that I can follow a file like Chatbox for years and receive immediate notifications of new releases which are more important than replies to a topic, then when my IPS upgrade fails, it transpires I've somehow been unsubscribed from that file so wasn't aware of a necessary compatibility update. Are iOS notifications a way of preventing this situation from happening?

  10. Hi @FabioPaz

    Sorry I don't have a comparison test with them, to be honest I'm not a huge fan of the current Pagespeed Insights. I don't see why there wouldn't be a performance and scoring improvement similar to those visible via GTMetrix because additional caching response headers are being added via the plug-in. 

    I find that these days Insights gives me so many different readings every time I run a test, not just a small variation either, but wide deviations with scores fluctuating anywhere from 80s to 90s then suddenly down to 70s without me changing anything; it's just too much all over the place to have much faith in whereas other PI's are more consistent and helpful.

    It also always states "Ensure text remains visible during webfont load", but I'm already using the new Font Display as advised in my CSS and it doesn't recognise it.

    It would be nice to place a tick next to Page Insights as it supposedly is reflective of the speed scoring now used in their search ranking, but I think GTMetrix have the right approach in finding some sensible middle ground with the Pagespeed tests it uses and we should similarly take a balanced view across multiple performance analysis services.

    Happy to provide a demo version of the plugin for you to test with to see if it's for you, just drop me a PM anytime.

  11. 5 hours ago, Mike John said:

    What was the email address?

    Hi @Mike John

    Located in applications/core/modules/admin/support/support.php, line 828 onwards

    Confirmed the email address (and user names) as:

    $supportAccount = \IPS\Member::load( 'nobody@invisionpower.com', 'email' );
    $name = 'IPS Temp Admin';
    $name = "IPS Temp Admin {$number}";


    Perhaps you could add a similar filter to your Birthday Greeter app as well?

    Many thanks.

  12. 11 hours ago, Mike John said:

    I don't think I've used it before. I assume it's just creating the account for you and then your deleting once your done? Is it always the exact same username and email? (Perhaps just adding an exclusion for the email or exact username would be easiest then.)

    Yes it is always the same name and email address that gets created for use by IPS tech support. Thank you!


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